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5 Reasons Jumbo Tension Fabric Display Can Improve The Atmosphere When Presenting

Whether you’re attending a trade show or planning an event, there are a lot of reasons to consider a jumbo tension fabric display. This type of fabric display makes it possible to show vibrant, branded graphics to your audience. While there are other print marketing solutions to consider, this guide specifically focuses on the 5 reasons a jumbo tension fabric display improves the overall atmosphere of your presentation.

When presenting, every second counts. According to recent research, you only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Within 3 seconds, your audience already made an impression about your meaning and goals. This is why a jumbo tension fabric display is so important.

1. Tension Fabric Displays Are Travel-Friendly

First, when preparing for a presentation, you need to take travel into consideration. Some print marketing materials are bulky and difficult to bring with you, especially if you’re traveling a long distance for your conference or trade show.

Because your jumbo tension fabric display uses a pushpin tube frame system, it’s easy to set up. It can be put up by a single person alone, making it ideal for traveling. It’s also lightweight and portable because of the nature of the jumbo fabric. Your fabric display can easily be stored in a case when not in use, protecting it from wear and tear.

2. It Always Looks Professional

Next, when it comes to making a smart impression, you need to always appear professional. While pop-up displays are another great option, these are trickier to work with. They’re created with several different panels, meaning each one has to line up perfectly to create a cohesive image. This isn’t true if you’re working with a jumbo tension fabric display.

Because the material is high-quality, it’s resistant to wrinkles and creases. The last thing you want to deal with is unsightly creases and marks on your presentation backdrop before going on stage or making a big announcement!

3. Fabric Displays Are Affordable

Compared to pop-up displays, a jumbo tension fabric display is more affordable. Because of the tech-forward printing process, it’s less costly to print on fabric than on laminated plastic. If you’re worried about your print marketing budget, a jumbo fabric display is the most affordable option.

Additionally, these aren’t something designed for single-use. They’re a backdrop you continue to use again and again. If you’re planning multiple presentations, events, or shows, this can save you money long-term.

4. Print In High-Resolution Colors and Formats

Your business branding is important. The colors and designs of your logo all help shape your messaging for your audience. Not only do they say something important about your brand, but they’re how you set yourself apart. You’ve put a lot of hard work into your branding. When you choose a jumbo tension fabric display, you make sure this message comes through loud and clear.

Thanks to high-tech printing, you can ensure your design is in high-resolution no matter the colors or size of your print. Your tension fabric banner should never limit your options.

5. Make a Big Impact

Last but not least, a jumbo tension fabric display makes a huge impact—literally. Because these are designed to be larger in size, they’re eye-catching and stunning. Impress clients and potential leads alike with a larger-than-life presentation that makes an impact.

As we said before, you only have a few seconds to make an impact. Make sure your design stands out from the rest. The days of small, forgettable print marketing are in the past. It’s time to be seen.

Choose the Right Presentation Tools

If you’re ready to choose the right presentation tools for your small business print marketing, you’re in the right place. Gold Level Print specializes in high-quality printing solutions for all budgets. A jumbo tension fabric display is the perfect alternative to other backwall displays and pop-up banners.

Finally, discover a presentation tool that’s ready to go in minutes. For conferences, red carpet events, and trade shows, make a splash every time.

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