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5 Unique Ways to Use Brand Stickers

Stickers aren’t just for children anymore. Whether it’s a trip to the coffee shop, your favorite local store, or an online purchase, you’re likely to encounter branded stickers more and more. There are so many ways to use brand stickers to grow your business, plus they’re a lot of fun!

A brand sticker is any sticker with your brand’s information. These can act as an untraditional business card for your company, and they’re fantastic ice breakers. They also keep your customers and clients loyal since they’re a physical reminder of your product or service.

What are some of the best ways to use brand stickers to stand out? If you’re looking to up your brand awareness game, you’ve got to try these ideas.

1. Create Branded Address Labels

Mail is still alive and well for many businesses. Whether you mail coupons, postcards, or personalized cards for clients, a branded address label is a great sticker idea.

Not only do these streamline your mailing process, but they’re also strikingly eye-catching. Let’s face it—it’s easy to lose track of what’s junk mail and what’s important. By creating a brand sticker with your address, you help your messaging stand out.

 2. Make Custom Packaging

If you’re unable to afford custom packaging for your business, you can still get the same effect by using brand stickers. For example, you can add a branded sticker to to-go coffee cups, to-go orders, or anything your customers might grab on the go.

This might sound small, but these branded elements really create a special experience. They look professional, and they also make things more personal for your customers.

3. Use Promotional Stickers

If you have a physical store, office, or retail space, you can use stickers to draw people’s eyes to certain things. If you’re selling new products, a “NEW” sticker lets customers know this is something special. The same goes for sales, discounts, and so on.

Stickers are easy to use for decoration since they’re easy to mix and match. As soon as the sale ends, just swap out the stickers for a constantly refreshed look.

4. Gift Free Stickers

Brand stickers are also the perfect customer or client gift. Amongst younger audiences, consumers are drawn to free products. A reported 67% prefer free products as their favorite perk.

A sticker in a swag bag at a trade show or conference or in a to-go bag goes a long way. Not only are they likely to be displayed somewhere easy to remember, but they’re a reminder of your brand image.

5. Hand Out Sticker Business Cards

Last but not least, you can even make your business card a sticker. This is the ultimate brand sticker, and it’s easy to customize your sticker to look similar to a business card.

All you need is a sticker that’s easy to read, has custom branding elements, and includes your contact info. This is much easier to keep track of than a traditional card which is easy to misplace.

Use Stickers to Stand Out

If you want your brand to be memorable, sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Stickers aren’t just for elementary school. They’re a unique, customizable way to ensure your brand stands out.

With more competition than ever, it’s essential to market to your audience in new ways. There are so many brands competing for the same prospects, so it’s time to go a step forward with brand stickers. Not only are these fun to use, but they’re affordable and easy.

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