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6 Ways A Trade Show Booth Can Help You Convert Local Leads

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A trade show booth might seem like a small part of your brand, but it's a huge way to convert local leads. There's a reason so many top businesses leverage trade show booths as part of their marketing strategy. Whether you're marketing products or services, industry research speaks for itself. In fact, 76% of trade show attendees ask for pricing quotes and turn them into valued leads.

Now is the right time to gear up for trade show season. As a local business, it's more important than ever to invest in a complete deluxe booth, starter booth, or custom event tent. In this guide, we'll explore the 6 ways a trade show booth can help you convert local leads.

1. Create a Memorable Experience

First, equip your trade show booth with the ability to create a memorable experience for potential customers. Experience marketing isn't just a trendy marketing buzzword. It's a real way to make an impact and build leads. With 77% of marketers using experimental marketing as a driving force in their marketing strategy, don't overlook this concept.

When your local lead is excited about your business, they're more engaged with your brand. You can create a memorable experience with the right trade show booth planning, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

2. Share Your Brand Story

Your brand story is an introduction to your brand. Just as your business card acts as a handshake with potential customers, your brand story comes to life in your trade show booth. Whether you offer quality marketing services or local marketing products, your brand story matters.

Did you know that storytelling increases the value of products by over 2,000%? It might sound extreme, but it's true. Your event booth is an opportunity to share the values that matter most to your brand.

3. Highlight Your Team

Additionally, your trade show booth helps convert local leads by highlighting your team. Your perfect trade show team should be:

  • Enthusiastic and excited about your brand

  • Positive and welcoming

  • Excellent communicators

  • Team-players

These are the representatives of your brand story. They should be primed to communicate with your prospective local clients, building relationships from the very first interaction.

4. Share High-Quality Branded Products

Who doesn't love free things at trade show booths? One of the best parts of attending a local trade show or convention is accessing marketing products, the most promising print products, and more. From banners to stickers, there are so many high-quality branded products to share with your audience.

Consider products that communicate something important. This could be a QR code on a sticker, targeted URL, or special discount. The more creative, the better. For example, you could use branded postcards to share a unique discount with new customers.

5. Stand Out from the Crowd

Your trade show booth can also help you stand out from the crowd. As a local business, it's important to show your value. With small, local businesses accounting for 99% of all US-based businesses, it's more important to stand out than ever before.

If you want to generate local leads, you need an attractive, engaging stall. The more attendees you attract to your booth, the easier it becomes to convert customers. Custom marketing products branded to your business go a long way to making a big statement. Not only do you look professional, but your customers will take you seriously.

6. Make a Follow Up Plan

Finally, a follow-up plan is essential to creating real relationships with local customers. Your trade show booth is only the first step. From there, you can use the right apps, software, and follow-up process to make your leads an opportunity for greater revenue.

The more planning you can do in advance, the easier it is to follow up promptly. Time is of the essence, ensuring you hold onto those connections when they're the most valuable. You don't want your customers to forget about the amazing experience they had with your brand!

Ultimately, these reasons above are why you can't overlook trade show marketing. Your trade show booth is a chance to put your marketing products to use. At Gold Level Print, we connect brands with high-quality marketing services so they can make a huge impact with every interaction. Contact our team to start your own custom trade show plan today.

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