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7 Ways to Use Thank You Cards to Get More Business

Please and thank you are so-called “magic words,” but can they really do wonders for your business? Though it might sound simple, there’s an art to saying thank you. People always remember their first and last interactions with a company. It plays a huge role in the overall customer experience. More importantly, it can affect whether or not they make another purchase. That’s why thank you cards might just be the best tool marketers can use.

Though they seem simple, thank you cards carry a lot of weight. When you send a positive, memorable thank you card to a customer, you show them you value them. They’re not just a sales number on an invoice. They’re a real person, and you build a real connection. In this guide, we’ll share 7 ways to use thank you cards to get more business.

Why Send Thank You Notes?

First, why bother sending thank you notes to customers at all? As a form of print marketing, these are a relatively low-cost option. That being said, there is still a cost. Is it really worth it? In short, yes.

Because we’re human, we rely on human connection. Being kind to others is the right thing to do. Your customers showed support, and they deserve thanks for their actions. Everyone appreciates being told thank you, and gratitude builds strong relationships. When you express your gratitude to customers, you stay top-of-mind and memorable. The next time they need your service or product, they’ll remember you.

When to Send a Thank You Card

Now that you know why thank you cards are so valuable, when should you send one? You want to be intentional and thoughtful with how you send your thank you cards. Not only are they proven to be one of the most beneficial ways to send snail mail, but they can be very cost-effective. Here’s when you should consider sending a thank you card to land more business:

  1. Thanks for choosing you. Thank a customer for choosing you over the competition. They could have chosen any retailer or service provider, but they chose you. That’s worth a thank you!

  2. Thank for ongoing work. If a customer has repeatedly made purchases or continues to work with you, this is also worth celebrating. Existing customers need to be valued again and again to maintain this relationship.

  3. Thanks for meeting. If you met with a potential client, thank them for their time. Whether you shared lunch, coffee, or a quick chat, it’s important to show gratitude for the opportunity to work together.

  4. Thank you for the referral. Referral marketing is a powerful tool, so don’t take this lightly. When a customer takes the time to share you with their own circle, it shows that they’re engaged in the success of your company.

  5. Thank you for your hard work. Do you have a partner business, vendor, or employee who does exceptional work? Send a note of thanks so they know you value all that they do. It’s important to support your partners just as much as your customers. A reported 93% of employees agree that a grateful boss is more likely to be successful long-term.

  6. Thank you for your consideration. Even if you didn’t land this particular customer, thank them for considering you in the first place. Odds are they’ll think of you again in the future or send a referral your way.

  7. Thank you for the feedback. If a customer shared feedback or a testimonial, let them know you appreciate this effort. This is a great opportunity to turn around a negative experience or to get even more feedback.

What to Include on Your Thank You Card

There are so many ways to create a meaningful thank you card. This can be a custom postcard, actual card, or a simple note. What specifically should you include on your thank you card? It’s important to leave a meaningful message, even if this is something that you use again and again. Having a go-to design or template for thank you cards is a great way to cut down on time spent on each card. Invest in quality branding and graphic design to make sure your thank you card looks its best.

If possible, hand-write at least some of your card. Address the recipient by name, and sign your name at the end. It’s okay if the rest is pre-printed, but you want your note to look sincere. Aside from this, consider adding any extras to draw your recipient back into your company:

  1. Special offer or discount

  2. Free magnet

  3. Survey or feedback request form

  4. QR code to online offer page

  5. Referral discount

All of these ideas above are a great way to drive action with your thank you notes. It’s all about showing your customers, employees, and partners that you really care. When you practice a business full of gratitude, people take notice.

Share the Love with Thank You Notes

Ultimately, thank you notes are an inexpensive, easy way to give back. Not only do you create a memorable experience for your current customers, but you build the foundation for a strong relationship. This means your customers are more likely to continue supporting you in the future. When you stay top-of-mind through a thank you note, you stand out from the competition.

Have you tried sending thank you notes? It’s a simple idea, but it can be highly effective. As the saying goes, these truly are magic words.

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