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Best Real Estate Business Card Ideas

No matter your industry, it’s important to have a business card that reflects your brand and your messages. However, in no fields is this more important than in real estate. The best real estate business card ideas not only build strong relationships with leads, but it helps you earn more business through referrals.

Though it might seem small, your business card matters. Even if you operate most of your business online, your business card still has a strong place without your print marketing efforts. From pops of color to keeping your brokerage front-and-center, here are the best real estate business card ideas to spark your next business card design.

1. Go Vertical

One unique option for business cards is to design them vertically rather than horizontally. While traditional business cards are horizontal, this limits the amount of space you have to share information about your business. Unlike other industries, real estate business cards usually need a lot of details. You’ll want to share your location, the work you do, contact information, and certifications.

When you flip the script on traditional business card designs and go vertical with your layout, you make your contact information more eye-catching. It’s often the little details that let you stand out the most, so don’t be afraid to do something new with your business card design.

2. Use a Tagline

Taglines are a way to share more insight into your brand and what you do. In the world of real estate, it’s all about personal connections. A tagline helps communicate something personal quickly. What are some tagline ideas for real estate? Try these:

  1. Beyond the sale

  2. Your realtor for life

  3. I’m at your service

  4. Foreclosure specialist

  5. Dream home expert

See how these taglines create an emotional connection without saying too much? Less is more when it comes to your business card design, so make sure your tagline speaks volumes.

3. Try a New Texture

Another way to stand out with your real estate business cards is to try a different texture. Textured business cards don’t get lost in the fray of typical paper cards, and they can add additional professionalism and sophistication to any design.

What textures are useful for real estate agents? Some fun ideas are foil business cards or beveled designs. Did you know that a reported 72% of people judge a business by the quality of their business card? With a stat like that, it’s never been more important to make your design stand out in the best way.

4. Add a Professional Headshot

You don’t always need to add a photo to your business cards, but they play a large role in real estate cards in particular. Real estate is a human industry. It’s built on personal connections, and people want to trust their realtor with their decisions.

If you use a headshot on your real estate business card, this shows a glimpse into who you are. However, make sure you only use a high-quality, recent photo. You don’t always have to hire an expensive photographer to achieve this. You can find free headshots at professional events, networking events, and around your community.

5. Co-Brand with Your Company or Lending Partner

You pay your brokerage company or lending partner for the privilege of using their network and resources. With that in mind, don’t overlook the importance of cobranding your business card. These brands have strong name recognition, that that builds authenticity and trust with your own card design.

Plus, if you are co-branding with a partner or company, they might share the cost of printing with you. This also saves you on branding and design costs since they might have a logo or templates available. Ultimately, it’s all about leveraging the tools already at your disposal as a real estate agent.

Is Your Business Card Prepared?

If you quickly threw together your real estate business card, it might be time for an upgrade. No matter your industry, taking advantage of the full potential of your business card design is a powerful tool. These small pieces of paper can lead to huge growth for your real estate business, and they’re an inexpensive way to invest in your business.

Does your real estate business have all of the print marketing tools it needs to succeed? Print marketing in Phoenix plays a large role in real estate, building your client base, and landing the sale. Before you start converting leads amongst local home buyers and sellers, prepare your print marketing tools for your personal arsenal.

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