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Business Event Invitations: Tips to Stand Out

Inviting your network to a business event is a great way to boost attendance and brand awareness. Whether you’re hosting an in-person conference or a virtual event, you need to make sure your invitation stands out.

A reported 30% of people say they would buy tickets if they know an event is in their area, so it’s never been more essential to have a strong business event invitation strategy. How do you make sure your invites are attracting the right audience? Try these tips to stand out every time.

1. Use the Information Hierarchy

The information hierarchy is an important aspect of brand design. No matter the fonts you choose or your visual elements, you should be sure to follow this important hierarchy. This means you utilize space and size in the order of importance. This generally is as follows:

  1. Main attraction/draw

  2. Date, time, and location

  3. Secondary attractions/speakers

Whether you’re printing flyers or postcards, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for your recipients to understand what matters most.

2. Avoid Information Overload

Speaking of the information hierarchy, it’s easy to fall into the trap of including too much information. It’s tempting to list every speaker, event, and so on, but this can lead to information overload, keeping your recipient from learning the key facts.

Keep your business event invitations simple and to the point. You should always have a way for prospective guests to learn more, whether it’s by contacting you or viewing a webpage. This is where you’ll put everything they need to know—not the invitation.

3. Use a Strong Call to Action

Your business event invite is only as strong as your call to action. You can have the best-designed flyer in the world, but if your recipients don’t know how to take the next step, you might as well have printed a blank page.

What do you want your recipients to do after reading your business event invite? Should they buy tickets, visit the website, or add the date to their digital calendar? Make it as clear as possible. They should know exactly what to do next.

4. Give an Incentive

If you want to encourage users to take the call to action seriously, make sure there’s something in it for them. Users are more likely to actually complete an action if they know they’re getting a good deal or something free.

You could offer any of the following:

  1. Early bird discount for registering early

  2. Free download guide or added value

  3. Free gifts like branded stickers, tote bags, or digital bundle

5. Design a Distribution Strategy

Last but not least, your business event invites need a strong, effective distribution strategy. Your event invites need to actually be seen, and this means pushing beyond your own personal and professional network.

You can distribute invites in local business centers, coworking spaces, industry spots, and in local stores. Mailing your invites to those in your industry is a great way to ensure it’s seen by the right audience. Don’t underestimate the power of snail mail, even in the digital age.

Stand Out, Branded Invites Get Noticed

A business event is a powerful way to position yourself as an expert. Whether you’re creating an event for industry professionals or those your niche, you need a business event invite that shares exactly what’s in it for your guests.

By following the tips above, you make it simple to get your information across while also attracting the right audience. Your business event is only as strong as your attendees, whether it’s virtual or in-person. Make sure your invites really shine.

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