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Cause & Effect: The Art of Flags & Posters the Diversity in Results

When it comes to print marketing, there are a lot of ways to get ahead. It’s important to find creative opportunities to stand out from the crowd, and that’s where the art of flags and posters comes in. While you can likely think of many locations you can advertise, it’s important to keep a focused marketing budget.

Digital marketing and social media might be all-the-rage, but there’s often more to the story. Sometimes, “old school” print marketing can have an even bigger impact. This is why it’s essential to recognize the art of flags and posters and the diversity in results they can product. In this guide, we’ll share ways to utilize flags and posters within your own print marketing efforts.

Why Use Flags and Posters?

To begin, why are flags and posters so useful? When it comes to marketing your business, you need to understand how your audience focuses on the world around them. Many people are becoming blind to advertisements. This means the types of ads they see every day (like video ads, social media marketing, etc) are easily ignored.

Instead, you can use flags and posters to build your brand. These are more affordable than others types of print marketing, and they’re displayed continuously. Unlike a social media ad or pop-up, they can’t be scrolled away or minimized. Flags and posts are also eye-catching, helping you get noticed when it matters the most.

With that in mind, how can you use flags and powers to take your business further? Whether you’re marketing your DJ business or salon, there are so many ways to put flags and posters to work.

Hang Posters or Flags in Your Store or Office

First, one of the biggest questions around poster or flag advertising is how to find an appropriate place to hang your print marketing materials. One of the best options is also the simplest: hang your posters or flags in your own store or office. You can use them on your own business premises to create a brand image within your own space.

Like store signage, these markers help people get to know your brand. There’s no harm in letting the local community know you’re there. You can also use posters to share information quickly and easily, like new products, promotions, and events.

Consider Your Audience

Next, consider where your audience spends the most time. You want to target your posters and flags to them specifically. Consider where they go on a daily basis, and what stands out to them?

Repetition really is key when making an impact. A single poster doesn’t go very far. However, multiple posters around someone’s daily commute starts to add up fast. Placing your posters along a single route frequently traveled by your audience, like a popular street, business area, or shopping district, makes all the difference.

Keep Your Call to Action Simple

Last but not least, simple is usually best when it comes to posters. You want your audience to understand the message behind these posters quickly, and that means keeping your focus simple. The goal is to motivate your customers to take action. While it should look good, the function is more important than the design.

Using a large poster or flag ensures your customers can read your text or CTA quickly. From there, choose one simple call to action. You might use any of the following:

  1. Encourage your customer to contact your business

  2. Increase foot traffic to your store or office

  3. Inform your audience about a new promo or offer

  4. Build engagement for a digital promotion

The simpler your call to action, the easier it becomes to track the results of your print marking. At GoldLevelPrint Marketing, we recommend using a unique landing page or offer specific to the poster. This helps you keep track of whether your marketing is successful, and you can keep this in mind moving forward.

Take Your Print Marketing Further

Ultimately, print marketing is the way of the past, present, and future. People have used posters and flags to share messages and ideas since the earliest days of humanity, and this is a tradition that is sure to carry on. Have you tried poster or flag marketing for your business?

Both affordable and easy to start, this is one of the best-kept marketing secrets of today. If your design is eye-catching and engaging, you’re set for success.

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