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The HUGE Difference A Yard Sign Can Make For You!

Though they might seem small, a yard sign can make a huge difference in your marketing strategy. These are practical and affordable ways to advertise your business or your goals, from business to personal events. They're a powerful way to generate leads and organic traffic, commonly used by real estate agents, local politicians, and new businesses.

At Gold Level Marketing, we've used yard signs to help clients easily attract their target audience. Instead of other types of marketing like newspaper or digital ads, the signage directs a message specifically to your target area. When paired with another print marketing strategy like EMDM, you can expect a huge brand awareness return. We'll share the huge difference a yard sign can make for you in this guide.

Why Do Yard Signs Work?

First, why do yard signs work? Like any full-color print, you can adjust your signs with professional appeal custom to your client's liking. Here's why yard signs work as a super-charged form of print marketing:

  • Organic traffic: To begin, they can lead to organic traffic on a local, targeted level. For example, as a real estate agent, you might use a yard sign to promote an open house. Anyone passing this sign has the opportunity to become a lead.

  • Affordable: Compared to other types of marketing, it's affordable to leverage brand awareness with yard signs. You can customize your signage to your liking without a huge cost, making them ideal for professionals of all sizes.

  • Name identification: Getting the word out about your business isn't always easy, especially if there's a lot of competition. Print marketing is one of the best marketing tips for boosting general word-of-mouth awareness. Keeping your brand top-of-mind makes you more likely to earn new clients.

  • Professionalism: According to research, nearly 76% of consumers believe signage reflects the quality of a business. This is an important way to signal that you're a serious, trusted business to your potential leads.

Building trust and brand awareness are no small matters. A yard sign can make a huge difference for your business, and it doesn't have to cost you much at all. Though signs themselves might seem easy to overlook, they add up.

How to Design a Successful Yard Sign

Now that you know why a yard sign is so helpful, how do you design a successful yard sign for your business? Like all marketing efforts, you don't want to simply slap together a design and get it published. The more deliberate you are with your design choice, the better it is for your goals.

Consider the location.

To begin, consider the location of your yard sign. If people are likely to pass on both sides, double-sided signs are an option. You'll want to consider the best way to communicate with people, no matter how they face the sign.

Expect the elements.

Expect the elements and plan if you're placing your sign outside. Waterproof/sun-fading resistant materials last longer and look better long-term. It will be exceptionally short-lived if your sign can't stand up to the elements.

Keep your message short.

The best marketing tip for your yard sign is to keep your message short and sweet. The most effective sign is only 1-5 words. Be sure to have a clear contact number or website. Don't include any graphics or messaging that distract from your key message. "Credit repair," "open house," "grand opening," etc., are great examples.

Check your local regulations.

Finally, look into your local town and city regulations for signage. A yard sign is a great tool, but there might be zoning laws to be aware of. In most cases, government entities must allow equal use of signage if it's permitted. There aren't any exceptions. However, the responsibility is always on the sign placer.

If you're trying to generate leads and brand awareness, the key to organic traffic is the right yard sign. Consider using a yard sign from Gold Level Print for your next campaign. These come in full-color print, making sure they attract the full attention of your audience. You never know what you might accomplish.

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