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Got Print vs. Gold Level Print

Every business, no matter the size, needs an effective marketing strategy to attract more customers. This is especially true for companies that are looking to make it in an industry that offers so much competition. You will need tools such as logos, business cards, flyers, and banners. Therefore, if you are a business owner or head of the marketing department in a company and are looking for the best business design companies, then you are in the right place.

We will go through two popular online design companies- Got Print and Gold Level Print. You will be in a better position to select the right company for your business.

Got Print and Gold Level Print Review

Got Print and Gold Level Print are online card printing platforms that offer numerous marketing options. For small and medium businesses, you can get excellent tools such as banners, flyers, and logos.

But which has the best services according to quality and price? Read ahead to find out. We will compare the services offered by each company and the prices charged by each. In this way, you will be in a better position to decide which is better.

1. Business card Printing

Even with the modern business world moving to almost paperless transactions, one marketing tool that is still vital is the business card. Business cards can elevate the image of your business in incredible ways. You can increase your sales by creating a chain of personal networks.

· Got Print Business Cards

Got Print provides one of the best online business card printing services. They offer numerous premium paper materials, ensuring you will have one of the unique business cards. The service includes full-color printing as well as free instant online evidence.

You can choose from gloss cover, uncoated cover, and the premium matte cover as your material, with each being priced differently.

For 100 pieces of gloss cover, you will be charged $7.63 for front printing only and $13.93 for front and back printing. For premium matter cover, you will pay $7.84 for front print and $14.70 for front and back printing.

· Gold Level Print Business Cards

Gold Level Print is a web-based company that offers numerous marketing services such as printing of business cards. It offers premium quality materials that are superior to what is being provided by similar companies. With a dedicated in-house graphic design team, you can always be sure of excellent designs.

The material qualities on offer form Gold Level Print include Matte and Gloss.

The price for 100 pieces with Matte or standard gloss finish is $20. The price is for both front and back printing. At this price, you also get your cards printed on a 16pt.cover. It is full color with a resolution of 300DPI.

2. Logos

Both companies offer excellent Logo design services. Logos are an essential aspect for any business as it helps to define the appearance that customers associate with the company. The most important thing is to get a logo that is customized to the business brand.

· Got Print Logo Design Services

If you are looking for simple but yet stylish logo design services, then Got Print will be a great choice. With their professional services, you are sure to get a logo that will convey the most important aspects of your business to potential customers.

There are three logo packages that you can choose. Basic Logo Plan is priced at $100 and offers you a basic design, with the text being the major highlight. You get only four revisions under this plan.

The Plus plan at $250 personalizes a more detailed logo and offers the clients eight revisions. Deluxe logo plan is priced at $350.00 and provides sophisticated and well-illustrated logos with up to 12 revisions.

· Gold Level Print Logos

Logos from Gold Level Print can be the face of your business for many years to come. With an inhouse Design team and marketers, you are sure to get the best logo that defines your business. The team has over a decade of experience in producing top quality logos and can, therefore, take a short time and offer you fantastic logos.

With only two price plans in their logo services, you can be sure to get the very best in the industry. The Basic Logo Package is priced at $300. Under this plan, your business gets two concepts and also mockups, up to four revisions, and you get the benefit of being served with a dedicated design team.

The Premium Logo Package is priced at $550, and you will get three concepts and mockups, eight revisions, and a dedicated design team. What’s more, you will also get two social media banners and business Avi.

All their logos come in high-quality media files such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

3. Flyer Design

Flyers are a great way of reaching many people who might become your future customers. Depending on the quality of the brochure and attention to detail, you can get many customers visiting your business place. They are a great way of upcoming advertising events for potential customers.

· Got Print Flyers

Got Print offers excellent flyer design services. You get multiple material options such as gloss cover, matte cover, and text and the opaque smooth white.

The pricing depends on the number of printed flyers and the choice of material. For instance, for 100lb gloss cover, you will be charged $83.54. this is for the standard 8.5 by 14 inches sized flyer. They are also fully colored on both sides.

· Gold Level Print Flyers

Gold level Print is a modern company with relevant experience in designing fantastic flyers for businesses. You can upload your own design or select from a wide range of templates on offer on the website. They offer superior flyer design services that you can find in the market.

The same 100lb gloss cover will cost you $87.00. you will get 100 pieces of high-quality flyers. You can get this in JPEG and PNG with a high resolution of 300 DPIS. Their files also have an added bleed, which prevents cutting off images or information when printing.

4. Banners

A banner has the potential of announcing a new brand arrival or make you stand out in all events that you attend. It is an excellent way of communicating with everyone about the strengths of your business.

Got Print and Gold Level Print to have outstanding services when it comes to banners. Whether it is retractable or pop up banner, be sure to select the best company that will cater to all your business needs.

· Got Print Banners

Got Print has fantastic options when it comes to banners. You can get a unique, customized retractable banner. The material quality includes mesh vinyl, glossy scrim vinyl, and scrim matte vinyl.

The prices range from $35.40-$73.56 among their popular banners.

· Gold Level Print Banners

Unlike Got Print that provides only retractable banners, Gold Level Print provides both retractable and Pop up banners. Their standard retractable banner is lightweight and comes with a carrying bag making it easily portable.

You can get matte vinyl banners at Gold Level Print, and all banners come with a 150 DPI resolution. For a standard retractable banner, you are charged $145.00, with a production time of 4-6 days. Deluxe retractable banners cost $170.00 with the same waiting period.

All retractable banners also come with retractable aluminum hardware.

Getting a pop-up banner at Gold Level Print will cost you $570. This is for a 10 feet curved display with Velcro Fabric.

With the above information, you can make the best decision that will elevate your business to unimaginable levels. Although Got Print has excellent features, Gold Level Print edges ahead because of a wide range of features. You are most likely to get premium end products with the in-house design team on offer at Gold Level Print.

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