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Here Are 5 Surprising Reasons You Need A Full Custom Tent

Planning events for your business is no small task. Whether you're connected to your local community, or you're just starting to build a name for yourself, your marketing tools matter. A full custom tent goes a long way toward promoting brand engagement, and there are 5 surprising reasons you need a full custom tent.

Not only is a full custom tent easy to install, but it's a way to leverage existing company branding. Your branding helps tell your story, and it also attracts the right audience. If you're not mindful of your quality materials and organic traffic, it's hard to stand out from the competition. In this guide, we'll highlight the 5 surprising reasons you need a full custom tent.


1. Choose a Unique Size

First, why is a full custom tent better than a premade tent? While you can certainly find existing tents that might work fine enough, prefabricated tents don't have what you need long-term. Since this is an investment, you want it to reflect high-quality company branding.

By choosing a unique size for your tent, you know it's created specifically for your intended use. Whether this will be part of your outreach strategy in attracting organic traffic or as part of your trade show checklist, it's something worth having.


2. Protect from the Elements

Of course, the next reason you should consider a full custom tent is entirely practical. Having protection from the sun and weather is worth its weight in gold. Whenever you plan to participate in an event, you want to make sure your team and your customers are as comfortable as possible.

A custom tent is one of the best ways to prioritize the comfort of your team and any organic traffic. While a tent is always optional, it's risky to skip having one. Not only are your tools and materials fully exposed to the elements, but customers aren't likely to stick around long if they're in rain or direct sun.


3. Create a Memorable Experience

When it comes to standing out from the competition, the experience matters, your customer experience is the biggest way to make something memorable. 65% of today's consumers find a positive experience with brands to be more powerful than great advertising. This just goes to show that a great experience speaks for itself. When you make an amazing tent experience at an event, it's:

  • Memorable: Customers are more likely to remember interacting with your brand.

  • Sharable: It's easier for customers to share enthusiasm for your brand/product than others that aren't as noteworthy.

  • Reference: We all know events can get overwhelming. You become a reference point for other businesses and leaders with a full custom tent.

Your tent is a way to show you're a professional, serious business. It helps your customer service, building an experience that speaks for itself.


4. Make Your Brand Cohesive

Similarly, it's important to have a cohesive brand presence. If you choose a one-size-fits-all premade tent, it's easy to overlook. Your brand colors, fonts, and more all contribute to recognition. A consistent appearance can appear more trustworthy, but it builds pride in your brand.

When tents blend into the background at events, they get overlooked. Professional appeal custom to your client's liking always stands out. More importantly, it conveys that your brand knows what it's doing. More customers will make a point to visit your team, again and again, continuing to interact with you into the future.


5. Install Your Tent Quickly

Last but not least, a full custom tent is much easier to install. In any event, time really is money. The longer you spend setting up. The less time you have to interact and network with potential clients and customers. Effortless installation is only possible with a full custom tent created specifically for your needs.

You invest in your brand's future when you have a customized tent. This portable, reusable tool doesn't have an expiration date. High-quality materials ensure the color and style last multiple installations, saving you time and money long term.

As a brand, you truly care about making your events work for you. Gold Level Print specializes in full custom tents to promote your work with ease. Our team is ready to aid you, no matter how big or small the project.

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