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How Small Businesses Can Make Flyers Stand Out

As a small business, you’ll quickly discover that flyers are an effective way to promote your business. In fact, a reported 85% of consumers said they’re more likely to shop with a business that has professionally printed materials including flyers.

However, in today’s digital world, you can’t simply throw together a print design and expect to see results. You need a real strategy if you want to succeed. Follow these tips as a small business to make your flyers stand out from the crowd.

1. Set a Clear Focal Point

One of the biggest problems small businesses run into when making flyers stand out from others is going too overboard. Having too many elements are once is overwhelming and difficult to read.

Your audience will likely only look at your flyer for a second before they decide to read more. If there’s too much going on, they’re going to throw it right in the junk pile.

Instead, create a clear focal point. This could be a single image, graphic, or specific text you want people to read. If they see nothing else, make sure they get the message from this focal point.

2. Use Legible Fonts on Your Flyers

Your font selection is an important part of any design. When choosing the text for your flyers, make sure they’re easy to read. A common mistake is using fonts as a place to get creative. While this can be a way to share your brand’s message, your first priority always needs to be readability.

When choosing your fonts, keep things cohesive. As long as they match and are easy to read, you’re on the right track. Try to limit yourself to 1-2 fonts to keep things simple.

3. Stick with Action Words

You don’t need to be a professional copywriter to make an impact through your small business flyer. However, you need to use action words that drive your audience to take the next steps.

What’s an action word? This is a word that’s an active verb, not passive voice. Instead of saying “Consider this offer,” you might say “Visit our store today!” See how this inspires real action?

4. Give Special Discounts

Everyone wants a discount or offer that feels special to them. Who doesn’t love a good deal? These are what really help your flyers stand out.

Don’t just use your printed materials as an alternative to business cards. Create real action by offering special discounts, coupons, and so on. Encourage your audience to bring the flyer into the store or online for extra savings.

5. Print In High-Quality

We’ve all stumbled upon flyers that were clearly not printed with quality in mind. Aside from using a custom design that appears professional, you want to make sure you’re also using a high-quality printer.

It’s usually a good idea not to print at home and to use glossy paper. These small details add up to an inspiring first impression, and that’s what matters most in the long run.

6. Stay Consistent with Your Branding

Last but not least, make sure your printed flyers stay consistent with your overall branding. Though this might feel different from other printed materials like business cards or stickers, you’ll still want to create the same messaging that you do with other parts of your design.

Consider your fonts, colors, and call to action. Are you being consistent? Having everything accurate and similar not only makes it easier to come up with new designs, but it also ensures your customers always know what to expect.

Design a Flyer That Gets Noticed

You don’t want to create a flyer for your small business just for the fun of it. You want to make something that’s effective and reliable.

The right flyer design is balanced, drives action, and stays consistent with your brand. Consider other successful printed materials you’ve done in the past. How can you bring this success to your flyers as well?

Flyers aren’t just practical, but they also are memorable. They share a message that your audience will respond to, so don’t be afraid to choose this tried-and-true method for marketing your next offer.

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