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How to Let Customers Know Your Business Is Reopening

With so many businesses taking time out during COVID-19 for the safety of their employees and customers alike, it’s likely time to let customers know your business is reopening. If you’re ready to open doors (virtually or in-person), you’ll need a way to communicate this with your customers.

The global pandemic brings new challenges, including new updates to business operations. You might have new hours, new practices, and new availability. How you communicate these changes affects your entire brand.

With the right print materials and plan, you can confidently share these updates about your business. Follow these steps below to let customers know your business is reopening with ease.

Update Your Website and Social Media

The first step is to update your website and social media presence. This is the first place most customers and clients will check to find any changes to your business practice.

Make sure any big updates are the first thing users see when they visit your website or homepage. They should be able to clearly find updated hours, safety info, and anything else they might need to know.

On social media, continue posting regular updates to give the impression that your business is active and open. A dead social media page makes it seem like you’re not currently operating, and it sends the wrong message. Be consistent with your messaging and your branding to ensure everyone can easily understand what’s new.

Use Signage and Banners

If you have a physical business, this is a good opportunity to use signage and banners. Signage makes it clear when your customers are out-and-about that your business is open and operating.

Whatever signage you choose, make sure it’s eye-catching, on-brand, and easy to see. A lawn sign is a great choice for sharing when you’re reopening and reaching customers as they drive/walk past. Similarly, a vinyl banner or window decal advertises that you’re open.

Send Postcards to Locals

If you operate a local business, you might need to reach out to nearby residents to remind them that you’re opening. Sending out a customized, branded postcard is a simple and affordable way to let people know you’re back in business.

Feel free to take things up a notch by adding a discount, coupon code, or other extra to entice people into your store, restaurant, or office. Target locals who live within a 5-mile radius. This is said to be the most productive use of direct mail.

Update Print Materials

Last but not least, make sure your print materials are up to date. This includes updating business cards, flyers, trade show materials, and so on. Any print materials that you use regularly need to reflect changes in your business practice, hours, and more.

By keeping things up to date, you show your customers that you value their safety. Not only do you make it simple for them to keep in touch with you and your business, but you show them that you’re quick to adapt to new changes.

Preparing for 2020 and Beyond

This year has been full of changes and disruption. The businesses that are able to adapt quickly and adjust their strategy are the ones that will succeed at the end of the day.

Let customers know your business is reopening with these tips above. A few key print materials and online messages are more than enough to send the right message about reopening with confidence. Like all things, communication is always key.

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