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How to Make Your Custom Packaging Stand Out

Your custom packaging is one of the ways you share your brand story with your audience. It connects you with your customers, sending the right message at the right time. However, how do you make sure your custom packaging stands out in a busy marketplace?

With more people getting orders by mail than ever before, how do you show your customers you value their continued support? It all comes down to the packaging. This is an opportunity to show your customer you value them, so don’t take it lightly. The right print materials ensure your custom packaging always makes an impact. Here are some tips to inspire your next packaging redesign.

Include Custom Thank You Cards

When was the last time you thanked your customers for making a purchase? While we might think this goes without saying, it’s always a good idea to put your feelings into words. Your thank you message doesn’t have to be its own card. You can easily add it to:

  1. Your business cards (especially on the back of your business card)

  2. Flyers

  3. Magnets

  4. Postcard

Not sure what to say? Don’t overthink it. A simple “Thank you for your purchase” is always appropriate. If your customer is supporting you during a difficult time like during the COVID19 pandemic, you could also thank them for being there when it matters the most. Everyone loves a personal, up-to-date touch. Though small, a custom thank you card is an inexpensive way to show customers you value their support.

Encourage Digital Engagement

Your print marketing can also help your online efforts as well. You can use your custom packaging to stand out by plugging your own social media channels, websites, and other ways to reach you. From sharing your company’s history to a catalog of products, you might even encourage another purchase in the process.

Think of ways you can add your social media profiles to your custom packaging. A small card letting users know they can follow you on your social channels might be more than enough. When paired with a digital-savvy QR code, you’re sure to land more followers with each order.

Highlight Exclusive Deals

Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a special deal that’s just for them. Your custom packaging is the best place to share these deals, especially if they’re only for those who have made a purchase. A one-time offer for their next purchase is the perfect incentive.

A reported 93% of shoppers in the US cite discounts and offers as the most important factor when deciding whether to make a purchase. When you sweeten the deal with a percentage off or coupon, you’re sure to convert a higher percentage of repeat customers.

Stick to Brand Colors

If possible, try to use your brand’s colors in your custom packaging. With so many ways to communicate through your branding and color scheme, don’t let this small part of your print marketing get away from you. While it might be more cost-effective to use traditional packaging colors (brown, white, etc), it could be worth the upgrade.

Don’t want to go all-out on expensive boxes and mailing materials? Compromise with tissue paper, printed materials in your brand colors, and so on. It’s okay to get creative to find a packaging solution within your budget.

Use High-Quality Packaging Materials

Whether you’re designing a business card, flyers, or a box that holds your product, stick to high-quality materials. No matter how good your design is or the product itself, poor-quality packaging sends the wrong message. You want to make it clear that your product is top-notch, and that means using the right materials.

While cheaper materials might seem like a better bang for your buck, you’re showing your customers that you don’t value them. They might assume your product is cheap as well, sending them to a competition. In this day and age, you can’t take the risk of not being seen as the best brand possible.

Upgrade Your Brand’s Packaging

Custom packaging is a great tool, but it needs to be used wisely. It truly can make or break your product and brand awareness. Low-quality, poorly designed materials aren’t taken seriously. Since you’re a professional business that values its customers, you need to take your custom packaging to the next level.

Luckily, it’s easy to stand out with a smart strategy. By thanking your customers, choosing the right materials, and understanding the role of branding, you can guarantee your packaging makes an impact.

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