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How to Use Canva to Create and Print Files

Today there are lots of online tools to assist businesses in creating effective and engaging content to market their services. The problem however is that they tend to be expensive and only offer one part of the process. Now however, with Canva there is one tool to where businesses can create, customize, and print their own designs all in one spot. With tons of different options to choose from, Canva allows users to create content for just about any occasion. From presentations, invitations, posters and t-shirts to pre-sized social media images and header templates, Canva is the best place to go to create content for your business. With their design creator, users can make their own custom images and designs, download files, and print them all in one place without having to have multiple apps and services.

Step 1: Determine your marketing strategy

The first step toward creating designs and files to download and print is to determine what you’re looking to market. Different campaigns and strategies require different forms of content. For a social media post about a special ongoing deal, you’ll want to look into Canva’s pre-sized templates designed specifically for various social media platforms.

print files
Print files

Step 2: select your template and upload images

The next step in using Canva to create content is to pick good quality images to go along with your design. According to social media marketing strategist Jeff Bullas, Facebook posts that include images receive an average of 37% increase in engagement than those without. Visuals are now a necessity to good marketing and branding.

print files with Canva

Step 3: edit your designs

Once you have chosen your template and selected your photos, you can begin editing. Find what picture you want to use in your design, or upload your own, edit the text on the template to fit your particular marketing strategy. Not only can you change and add additional pictures, you can play around with the color scheme, the font of the text etc .

Canva editing tools
Canva Filter

Step 4: Print your design

Once you’ve created your design, you’re now ready to download and print your design. Printing with Canva is easy and straightforward. Now that your design is just how you want it all that’s left to do is download your file. Simply tap the click the download button in the top right corner to select your options. Make sure you choose the right file for you when you loaded your design. Canva offers downloads in JPG, PNG, SDF Standard, and PDF Print. Check to make sure its the right file type and then make sure any an all Canva Premium features are correct. All that’s left is to hit download or if you used any premium options, download and pay. 

Canva print
Canva print
How to use and print with Canva


The days of having to use multiple tools to create and design graphics and marketing materials are gone. With Canva you can create engaging content for social media and other marketing purposes all in once place. If you don’t want to shell out money for different services, Canva has the ability to do everything you need free of charge. Canva is your one stop shop to design and print files for all purposes.

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