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Moo vs. Gold Level Print: Which is the Best Printing Service?

Business cards are the first thing people notice about your company. They represent your brand’s message and vision and can help your business grow exponentially. A printing service is vital to the success of your business, which means you should pick the best one possible.

Business printing and design companies create business cards, flyers, logos, and different types of banners. In this article, we compare two such companies, Gold Level Print and Moo.

Website Overviews

Gold Level Print

Gold Level Print is an Arizona printing business that produces high-grade marketing materials for companies. They provide materials like flyers, brochures, roll labels, yard signs, banners, door hangers, and business cards, among others.

Gold Level Print, initially an arm of Gold Level Media, has worked with notable brand names such as Smirnoff Vodka, Turbo Letters, and Magnus Digital.


Moo is an online print company that was launched in 2006. It is a fast-growing print business that prints paper-based business cards, flyers, stickers, postcards, notebooks, and letterheads.

Moo only offers expert graphics design services to larger business accounts, at $300 per account.

Points of Comparison

A basic printing website company provides all printing and design services. Premier printing services, however, offer first-rate print quality, customization, prices, and customer support.

Below is a list of features that distinguish a quality printing company from an ordinary one:

  1. Pricing

What are their package prices and sign up prices? Do they offer discounts?

  1. Quality of Print

What is the color accuracy and image quality of the prints? Are the lines fine? Is trimming consistent?

  1. Available templates and customization

How many premade templates do they have? Does their interface allow add-on features like finishes?

  1. Digital proof

Can you preview your designs before ordering them?

  1. Customer support

Do they have a functional email service? Can you call them and speak to a live person?

1. Pricing

Gold Level Print

Gold Level Print offers its clients numerous first-grade print materials. Their postcards, business cards, and flyers are produced on 16pt stock with a high gloss UV or matte finish. Gold Level Print packages include:

  1. Large single-sided flyers of dimensions 8.5×11, for $3

  2. Professional, double-sided, full-color business cards, sold at $36

  3. Quality postcards at $65 for 250 pieces

  4. A set of 1,000 print cards, going at $75

  5. Pop up banners of size 33”x81” at $175. They come with carrying cases and retractable stands

  6. Large banners 8 ft. by 10 ft. starting from $247

Customized designs that cost an additional $40. Gold Level Print packages come with free shipping.


Creating a Moo account is free and can be done using your Facebook details or email. Moo price orders include:

· A minimum order of 5o cards at $19.99

· Letterpress printing at $59.99 for a set of 50

· Gold foil cards at $39.99

· Spot gloss accents at $39.99

· Raised spot gloss accents at $39.99

· Mini business cards at $19.99 for a pack of 50

Moo’s package prices are considerably higher than Gold Level Prints. Although the order price is low, you get fewer cards than you do with GLP. This can inconvenience you, especially if you wish to mass produce your business cards.

Additionally, most add on features on Moo cards will cost you an extra buck.

Gold Level Print is not only cheaper but also practices straightforward pricing. With GLP, there are no hidden or surprise charges.

2. Quality of Print

Gold Level Print

Gold Level Print business cards are premium quality, full color, double-sided, and seamlessly trimmed. They have a fine feel and look elegant in their matte or high gloss UV finish. Their larger marketing prints such as single-sided flyer designs are printed on 100lb gloss book stock with a high gloss UV coating.

Gold Level Print is famous for its Kraft business cards line, which consists of an eco-friendly stock made from 100 percent natural fibers. The light brown Kraft cards, with their organic appearance and texture, are homegrown masterpieces.


Moo offers entry-level and premium packages that come in luxurious packaging. The premium cards, although costly, are of excellent quality. Note, however, that Moo’s interface only supports specific file versions.

Although your logo file may appear in your preview during the design process, if it is the wrong version, it won’t show on your printed card.

Also, the lower-cost business cards may not be as fully filled and crisp GLP’s, especially around the logo.

Both Gold Level Print and Moo print premium business cards, flyers, and banners of superb quality. Nevertheless, GLP maintains grade uniformity in all its products, including the cheaper options.

3. Available Templates and Customization

Gold Level Print

With Gold Level Print, you may upload your design or buy a custom one. If you need a logo, you can also purchase a logo design package. GLP offers two logo packages:

· The basic logo package ($250): two logo concepts, a logo mock-up, and 5 revisions

· The premium logo package: three logo concepts, a logo mock-up, and 8 revisions.

For further customization, you can opt for the premium graphic design package. It has a social media kit that lets you upload two Facebook covers.


Moo offers three standard design choices: premade template, online design, or an uploaded image file. In an option called Printfinity, you can customize your templates to include alternating images on the back of multiple cards, so they all look different.

However, beyond Printfinity, Moo’s design process is rigid and doesn’t let you customize enough. The templates are elegant but are not as highly customizable as GLP’s. They tend to maintain their layouts, which means you cannot resize or move many features.

You may also have a hard time changing your template once you start working on one. Moreover, Moo’s 48 font choices are not grouped into styles and may be challenging to identify.

Gold Level Print products are more customizable than those of Moo.

4. Digital Proof

Digital proof is critical when buying items such as business cards, retractable banners, and flyers online. GLP and Moo have excellent visual tools that allow you to preview your product before purchasing it.

However, as mentioned above, if you upload the wrong file version on Moo, the logo on your preview may not appear in your business card.

5. Customer Support

In case of a mistake in your order, you can contact both GLP’s and Moo’s customer service easily. The response is prompt and helpful with representatives available for live chat or to pick your calls. Each company displays its contact information on its website.

Make sure to contact customer support only during business hours.


Moo is a first-rate online printing business that produces superb products. However, it may not offer much flexibility in terms of design customization and may be a bit pricey.

On the other hand, Gold Level Print offers premium prints like banners at highly affordable prices. What’s more, you can customize your designs with add on features and excellent finishes.

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