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Next Day Flyers vs. Gold Level Print

If you have a business that is already running or is just starting, you need the right marketing strategies to reach out to potential clients. Marketing and advertising are very crucial to any effort a business owner or marketing manager has of growing a business. If you are looking to print banners and flyers, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will go through the top companies that can create the best business cards, flyers, and banners for your business. You will be sure to know which is best to have the company design and create for your business. We will review Next Day Flyers and Gold Level Print companies that specialize in marketing services for businesses.

Next Day Flyers and Gold Level Print Review

Next Day Flyers and Gold Level Print are two design companies that have specialized in making it possible for all sizes of businesses to advertise and market themselves effectively. They both understand the importance of top-quality marketing strategies that are sure to attract even more customers.

They have their similarities and differences in terms of the services they offer, quality, and price. We will look at each to help you make the right decision for your company.

Services offered by Next Day Flyers and Gold Level Print

The services of the two companies are similar. You can have your business card, logo, flyers, and banner design all under one roof from the two companies. They are both fantastic at what they do, but there is always a difference in quality and prices offered.

1. Business Card Designing and Printing

A business card can elevate the status of your business in ways unimaginable. With excellent design and printing, you can market your business and have it stand out. When it comes to business cards, you will be better placed choosing Gold Level Print.

Next Day Flyers Business Cards

The business card price ranges from $8.95- $78.95. In that price range, you can get painted edge, silk, folded, soft velvet touch, and other types of excellent material and designs. They always come in 100 pieces.

Gold Level Print Business Cards

With 100 pieces, the price ranges from$8-$80, but with added features, you can have matte or gloss finish, and all pieces come with 300DPI resolution.

2. Logo Designing

Every business needs a defining Logo that will help create a lasting image. With the two companies, you can create a logo that will become a cornerstone for your business. They understand that a logo isn’t only a beautiful picture, but can also communicate with the target audience.

Although Next Day Flyers have a wide range of logo designing services, when it comes to online designing, Gold Level Print has much in store.

Next Day Flyers Logos

Next day Flyers offer logo designing as services when you order for another product. For instance, when designing your business card, you can be provided with a logo.

Gold Level Print Logos

Gold level Print has a dedicated team that specializes in logo designing. You, therefore, pay for logo designing as a separate service.

The basic logo package is charged at $300, and it has two concepts and mockups, four revisions, and a dedicated inhouse Design team.

The Premium Logo package comes with three concepts and mockups, eight revisions, two social media banners, and Avi and the dedicated design team.

3. Flyers

Flyers help you to reach many customers and, when done correctly, can help you attract them too. Therefore your business needs the best flyer design team to make it happen. Flyer printing ensures that you make use of one of the best promotional tools.

Customers always need something they can hold and feel. Next Day Flyers and Gold Level Print can offer the same for you. The most important thing to look for is to go with a company that provides fast flyer printing.

Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers can put a gloss on both sides of the flyer, giving the flyers an excellent appearance.

That standard business flyer service fee depends on the day they are required. For same-day delivery, the price is $41.95, while for the next business day is $31.95. if you can wait for three days, you will be charged $30.95

Gold Level Print flyers

The full-page flyers also have gloss coating on both sides. You will also get a resolution of 300 DPI on each flyer.

The charges are $87 on a 100lb flyer book. You will, therefore, have enough to give around, in any event, you will be attending.

4. Banner Printing

Banners are one way of marketing your business in events. Both companies offer excellent banner printing services. From retractable banners to pop up banners, you can be sure to get the best services from the two companies. With experienced and top-level design teams, you will be guaranteed service and promote your business in excellent ways.

Two types of banners can elevate the image of your business during advertising. They are the retractable banners and pop-up banners.

Retractable Banners

A retractable banner offers the marketing team an easy way of quickly setting up during promotional events. The best ones are usually lightweight and durable, offering excellent portability options. You can easily attract potential customers to your both or announce a new arrival in your product line.

Next Day Flyers Retractable banners

The banners from this company are printed on13 oz. Poly Film.

The pricing ranges from $81-$129, depending on the urgency you need the banner.

Gold Level Print retractable banners

With a price of $145.00, you get a high-quality retractable banner printed on an 8.85 oz. Poly Fabric. It also comes with a 13 oz. Matte Vinyl that makes the banner highly attractive.

Pop-up Banners

If you want your business to stand out in any conference, event, or trade show, then pop up banner is the best companion you will need. They usually have a lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to assemble. You will also be provided with a traveling trolley bag that makes it easy to transport.

A pop-up banner is printed on one side, therefore, limiting the view to only a single direction. However, they are additions to any marketing strategy since they are of high quality. If the show involves a lot of photographs, then you better be prepared with a pop-up banner. This is because they are visible on camera even when there is no flash.

Next Day Flyers pop up banners

You can get graphics plus frame options or graphics only. The material used is 8.8 oz. Tension Fabric.

Pricing is $762.95, with a printing turnaround of six business days.

Gold Level Print Pop up banners

With Gold Level Print, you get a high quality digitally printed display. They also print on 8.8 oz. Tension Fabric. The banner is washable and resistant to scratch too.

The pricing is an affordable $570.00 for a pop-up display banner.

From the above information, you can select the best company that suits your business needs. From many of the services and prices, Gold Level Print seems to offer much more when it comes to diversity. However, both companies have an excellent solution when it comes to business marketing services.

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