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Nonprofit Print Marketing Must-Haves

As a nonprofit, your marketing affects how you reach donors, spread awareness, and generate interest in your cause. Outreach is a huge component of everyday business, and this is why you can’t overlook the power of nonprofit print design.

Unlike other traditional businesses, nonprofits have a lot of unique challenges related to funding. Their marketing needs to command action quickly, and it’s about more than just using the right colors and fonts. While word of mouth and events are important, the majority of success comes from nonprofit print designs.

How can these organizations use nonprofit print design to make a larger impact? These nonprofit print marketing must-haves are the best place to start when boosting your organic marketing campaign.

1. Business Cards

It comes as no surprise that business cards are first on this list. Business cards are inexpensive, but they’re a powerful form of connection. In many cases, this is your only opportunity to offer more information about your cause.

When creating a nonprofit print design for your business card, focus on including these key things:

  1. Contact information

  2. Mission statement or tagline

  3. Your cause

Less really is more when it comes to the business card design. You want to offer enough information to intrigue people to look up your website, social profiles, or contact you, but you don’t want to put so much that it becomes intimidating. Think of your nonprofit business cards as a handshake, they’re a powerful first impression.

2. Postcards

Another great nonprofit print idea is to invest in postcards. Like business cards, postcards are inexpensive but effective. These are a great way to increase involvement in a targeted, community-level way.

Whether you’re mailing postcards to top donors or those in your zip code, these are an effective way to reach your audience. Unlike different types of print marketing, postcards are inexpensive. There is also reason to believe snail mail is more powerful than ever before.

3. Posters

Posters are useful for a number of things related to nonprofit print campaigns. They’re a way to quickly spread a message to a business, community, or event. They also highlight visual and storytelling elements to connect with new audiences.

How can you use posters for your nonprofit?

  1. Share an upcoming fundraiser event

  2. Give a link for an easy way to donate online

  3. Spread awareness about a cause

  4. Invite volunteers to join you online or in-person

  5. Suggest an audience follow you on social media

Because you can easily partner with local businesses, coffeehouses, professional centers, and community buildings to share your posters, this is an affordable print option.

4. Brochures

Brochures might seem out-of-date, but they’re more relevant than ever before. Because there’s a lot to explain when it comes to your specific nonprofit, you need a way to communicate information easily. Brochures do just that.

Whether you use a trifold or z-fold brochure, it’s easy to tell the story of your cause, nonprofit, and work. This is perfect for any trade show, professional event, and passing out to local businesses. While your brochure might not be the first thing you distribute to potential supporters, it’s a must-have for a reason.

5. Stickers

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of stickers. Nonprofits have a lot of social power. People love to share their involvement and support, and this can generate additional support in itself. It’s up to you to make sharing this involvement as easy as possible.

Handing out stickers, mailing stickers to donors, and including stickers in your nonprofit print marketing strategy is a must. Though these are small and inexpensive, they’re a fun way to encourage those who support your cause to take part themselves. Sticker marketing is a powerhouse in itself.

Stretch Your Nonprofit Print Marketing Further

If you’re a nonprofit, it’s important to stay on top of your strategy to reach your audience. WIth the average online gift resting at $96 USD in 2018, this number is actually going down. How can you show up for your audience and gain support for your cause?

These print ideas above are about more than just having the basics for your organization. They’re a way to grown, connect, and tell your story.

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