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Photographer Print Marketing Must Haves

If you’re a professional photographer, now is the time to make sure your business is ready for anything. With more professionals joining the photographer space than ever before, these photographer print marketing must haves are no longer optional. Depending on your budget and experience level, there are many tools that help your business shine while highlighting your unique skills.

With over $6.5 billion in revenue across the industry, it’s no surprise so many different professionals want a piece of the pie. Even though more photographers are using digital marketing to promote their business, that doesn’t mean you should abandon print marketing. Even online businesses benefit from print marketing, and there are so many ways to make this option work for you. In this guide, we’ll share the top photographer print marketing must haves.

1. Business Cards

First, it comes as no surprise that business cards are a useful tool for any professional business. As far as photographer print marketing must haves go, this is the first thing to make sure you have. Not only do business cards build relationships, but they’re especially key in photography.

Whether you’re at a professional event, industry event, or just talking to someone new, they’re likely going to be interested in your skills. Photographers often cover a variety of events, from weddings to corporate. You never know when you’ll want to pass along your information, so having clear, easy-to-understand business cards is a must.

2. Postcards

Because photography businesses often target seasonal events, postcards are a powerful print marketing tools.  Don’t underestimate the power of direct mail! Sending a postcard is inexpensive, but it’s also an effective way to share memorable messages and content. How can you use postcards?

  1. Thank you: Saying ‘thank you’ to your existing customers for their support is always a good idea, and it encourages referrals.

  2. Discount: If you’re offering a seasonal discount, why not show it off? This is perfect leading up to event seasons.

  3. Showcase: A postcard is also a fabulous way to highlight your best work, letting potential customers know just what you can do.

  4. Deals: Lastly, if you have any seasonal deals, share them with a timely postcard.

3. Portfolio Booklets

The next photographer print marketing must have is a portfolio booklet. As a photographer, your portfolio is one of the strongest things you have to entice new customers. Before you book a new client, they want to see your work. However, these are the most expensive and time-consuming to put together, so you want to do a bit of planning when you begin.

The best way to show your work is through a booklet. These can be used for mail campaigns, but you’ll also want to have some in-person to secure potential leads. If you specialize in a specific type of photography (wedding, event, studio, portrait), highlight those specifically through your booklet.

4. Fliers

Last but not least, fliers are a helpful way to showcase your work while also staying within a limited print marketing budget. A photography print must have to consider is enticing fliers that show your services quickly. As you might expect, the flier should highlight the best of your work, making it clear how to get in touch with you.

One way to leverage fliers in the digital age is to use a QR code. This makes it easy for viewers to take your flier digital, accessing your online website or social media page. Placing your fliers in relevant places like wedding stores, networking events, community centers, and so on can get you a lot of local exposure.

Take Your Photography Business Farther

If you’re a professional photographer, make sure you consider these photography print marketing must haves. If you’re trying to expand your reach while also tapping into your current client base, print marketing builds real-world relationships. Better yet, it’s affordable and accessible.

Unlike other businesses, you don’t need a lot of formal business experience to find success as a photographer. However, the right planning makes all the difference. This guide to print materials for photographers is a gamechanger.

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