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Popular Direct Mail Postcards Designs Are Essential for 2022 Marketing!

In this day and age, it's time to step away from emails and other forms of digital marketing. With 347 billion emails sent per day in 2022, email is becoming increasingly boring for recipients. This means other forms of marketing are returning with a vengeance. Enter the popular direct mail postcards. Though these are undoubtedly powerful, they're also so popular that they're easily overlooked.

As an essential for 2022 marketing, don't overlook the small but mighty postcard. Popular direct mail postcard designs are easy to create to match your branding, and they're also affordable to mail to your audience. With a targeted direct mail strategy, you can reach your audience through a simplified, effective format. Are you still not convinced why popular direct mail postcard designs are essential for 2022 marketing? Let's take a closer look.


Why You Should Use Direct Mail Postcards

First, why use popular direct mail postcards in the first place? The biggest reason has to do with digital ad blindness. People are becoming increasingly blind to digital ads like those found in emails, on social media, etc. Conversely, our brains can't ignore a physical postcard. Research shows that popular direct mail postcards have a higher ROI than digital display ads and social media. To summarize:

  • Affordable: Direct mail postcards are an affordable way to reach your audience fast. Unlike other digital or print marketing types, this is a quick way to reach your audience without the huge price tag. It's accessible for all business sizes.

  • Fast: Additionally, postcard printing is faster than traditional letter packaging. Using direct mail professionals like Gold Level Print makes this process even more painless. You can include this in your overall CRM strategy, creating a special touchpoint for customers.

  • Customizable: Though most people think of the most popular direct mail postcard designs, these aren't your only options. Depending on your campaign goal and budget, you can make something work for you. There are no limits to the shape of your postcards, sizes, and more.

  • Brand awareness: Lastly, popular direct mail postcards are a valuable way to increase your overall brand awareness. Your goal as a marketer, no matter the size of your business, is to get your customers' attention. A postcard is an eye-catching way to achieve this goal.


Popular Direct Mail Postcards Best Practices

If you've decided to try direct mail postcards for yourself, make sure you start with the right strategy. People make first impressions quickly, especially when it comes to direct mail. This is an investment in your business, and you want to make sure you're taking account of all the details. Use every inch of real estate to your advantage to make a statement.

Keep your copy concise.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you shouldn't go overboard with your copy. It's pleasing to put as much information on your postcards, but this could have the opposite effect. Instead, clear leverage bullet points to focus on the most important things. What value are you offering your customers? Is it a discount, coupon, special offer, etc.?

Include a clear CTA.

Focus on your CTA (call to action) with that in mind. Your CTA is often the first thing people notice. In addition, many readers scan for bigger text. Make sure your CTA is strategically placed, clarifying what you want your users to do next.

Add something memorable.

If possible, add something memorable to your direct mail postcards. This could be a QR code, magnet, sticker, or another tangible element. If it's something consumers can take with them, this creates even more long-term engagement. Don't be afraid to go digital, including digital elements, social media channels, and special URL landing pages to engage your users off your postcard.


Discover the Power of Postcards

In 2022, make room for popular direct mail postcards. Though they might seem small (because they are), postcards aren't to be overlooked; Your marketing is only as strong as your strategy. They're here to stay for a reason.

If possible, partner with a well-known, trusted direct mail marketing company. At Gold Level Print, we're here to help take your postcard campaigns to the next level. You can reach your customers through their inbox no matter your business.

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