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Popular Event Bundles To Help Your Booth Stand Out From The Rest!

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Is your business appearing at a trade show or event? If you want to help your booth stand out from the rest, you need to know the most popular event bundles. Not only do these help leverage your brand awareness, but they can increase your revenue!

You don't have to figure out what event bundles are best for your business from scratch. Top-tier print materials are more accessible than you might think. In this guide, we'll share the secret to the most popular event bundles so you can stand out in the best way possible.

Get the Right Event Bundles

What exactly are the most popular event bundles? The right top-tier print material sets you apart, helping you earn instant leads and brand visibility. Here are some of the best tools to promote services and create an intent to buy in your audience:

  • Backdrop walls: A custom printed backdrop wall leverages your existing branding and colors to set the stage (literally) for your event. Most importantly, it attracts attention. Alternatively, a fabric display panel or curtain banner can be a portable, flexible option.

  • Table displays: Table displays aren't just a way to get people to interact with your table. They can also convert instant leads, helping people take action right away.

  • A-Frame signs: Premium custom deluxe A-frame signs serve a practical purpose, like signaling brand visibility or sourcing local leads. They're also an attractive way to position your call to action, so your audience sees it front and center.

  • Tents: A tent is a must, especially if your event is outdoors. How will your booth withstand the elements while keeping? Are your audience and employees comfortable?

A popular event bundle with all of the above takes your business the extra mile. It's all about showing your professionalism, branding, and messaging at the right time. When you look legit, your audience trusts what you have to say. According to Forbes, trust has never been more important for your brand, no matter what stage you're in.

Tips to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Now that you know the right tools, it's time to take your event to the next level. This is a chance to "go guerrilla" with your marketing, breaking the preconceived rules to make your impressions stand out.

Not sure where to begin? We've got you covered at Gold Level Print:

Promote before the show.

Your promotion doesn't have to start with the opening of the trade show. You can begin promoting on social media and your website weeks and even months before. This builds the buzz about your presence, letting you build relationships early.

Check your competition.

While you should always do your own thing, there's a reason to check in with the competition. If you see others in your industry with huge booths, live events, pop-ups, and more, this is something you might want to replicate in your own way.

Choose the right location.

As the saying goes, location is everything. No matter the trade show size, you want to make sure you have the best location. You want to be located near any point of interest, like the entrance, exit, or other offerings. In other words, look for areas known to draw the most visitors.

Whether you use tech tools like QR codes to interact with your audience or you create your own events, every little difference helps. Gold Level Marketing has years of experience helping brands of all backgrounds stand out. Now, you're ready to use these popular event bundles to show up for your audience.

Gold Level Print offers top-notch print material in the Valley. With A-grade print materials you can trust, there's no reason to look anywhere else. Contact our team today to get started.

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