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Print Marketing Materials Every Restaurant Needs

Starting a restaurant is an exciting endeavor, but there’s more to think about beyond the menu and finding the freshest foods. While having great food is the first step, you’ll also need to spend time thinking about your print marketing materials.

These print materials are the best way to set the scene for your restaurant. They help you attract customers, share your menu, and encourage new diners to give your cruising a try. While social media marketing is a must in today’s world, print marketing is far from dead. In fact, a reported 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than other advertising methods.

With that in mind, you need to understand the best print marketing materials that every restaurant needs. From attracting new diners to making an impact with takeout, here’s what will take your restaurant up a level.

1. Print Menus

The first important print material that’s important for your restaurant, of course, is your menu. While this might not sound like marketing material, it certainly can be with the right print design. Not only is this a way to share prices and food options, but it’s also a great way to share insight into your ambiance, experience, and ideal customer.

You’ll need two different menus: an in-person menu for diners eating in your restaurant and a takeout menu. These are menus designed to go out the door with your patrons. This doesn’t just have to be a bare-bone list of your menu and prices. This is a great opportunity to be creative with your branding, your brand colors, and your overall design.

Think of the message you’re trying to send to diners. How can your printed menu help you achieve this message to your customers?

2. Table Tents

Another overlooked print marketing material for restaurants is table tents. These are the best way to capture your customer’s attention while they’re waiting for their food. Table tents are inexpensive, and they offer a surprising amount of real estate for sharing events, news, and information.

What can you include on your table tent?

  1. Upcoming events

  2. Happy hour discounts

  3. Latest specials

  4. Drink menu

  5. Dessert menu

  6. Online ordering information

  7. Community news

Table tents work best when you refresh them periodically. Not only is this the perfect way to connect with existing customers, but it’s another way to showcase your branding and design elements.

3. Direct Mail

As we mentioned above, print marketing isn’t dead and neither is direct mail. While there might be fewer businesses using mail marketing in 2021 and beyond, this is another way to stand out. If you’re trying to attract locals, print marketing might just be your best friend.

Sending postcards, fridge magnets, or discount codes is a powerful way to bring diners to your business. Whether you’re promoting take-out, dine-in, or an event in your restaurant space, mailing a message to your customers is a great idea.

4. Punch Cards

People love to be rewarded for their loyalty. Why not encourage your best customers to keep coming back and to spread the word about your business? Punch cards are a type of printed reward card. They’re simple to make, and they can even be a version of your restaurant business card.

You can hand out punch cards after your customers make a purchase or visit your establishment. Encourage them to keep coming back by offering something for free or a special discount after they’ve spent a certain amount. It’s simple, but it’s effective!

5. Stickers

Last but not least, restaurants can get a lot of mileage out of branded stickers. Inexpensive and easy to design, stickers are a great thing for all restaurants to have on hand.

How can you use stickers in your restaurant? They’re perfect for to-go orders. In 2021, takeout is on the rise, and finding the right print marketing materials for takeout is key. Stickers are perfect for securing bags, adding branding elements to plastic cups, and personalizing your takeout containers. Not only does this save you money in takeout container costs, but it’s a fun way to get customers excited about their order.

Print Materials for All Restaurants

Restaurants often overlook branding and marketing materials in favor of their menu and other parts of the customer experience. While it’s important to focus on these things too, you can’t overlook the big-picture of your marketing efforts. Print marketing materials aren’t just for retail businesses.

The list above is the perfect starting point for any new restaurant looking to make an impact. With competition higher than ever, now is the time to focus on your print efforts to ensure you’re making a real impact in your local community.

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