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Print Materials All Real Estate Agents Need

If you’re a real estate agent, you need to pay close attention to your marketing real estate printing materials. With a reported 2 million active real estate agents in the United States alone, this is how you stand out.

While using digital marketing is a given, print materials help you make the in-person, authentic connections that lead to real sales. From business card alternatives to preparing for trade shows, here are the real estate printing materials that all real estate agents need.

Real Estate Business Cards

Of course, the first thing all real estate agents need is real estate business cards. You’re always meeting people who could potentially become customers, and you never know when someone’s in the market to buy or sell property

Having these on hand is the best way to make sure you leave a memorable impression. Sure, you could simply share your name, email, or phone number, but that’s not nearly as impressive. A well-designed business card stands out, and it makes you appear more trustworthy when ordering real estate printing materials.

On your real estate business card, be sure to include your service area, expertise, and contact information. Avoid making any of these common business card mistakes.

Real Estate Signs

If you’ve ever driven through a neighborhood, you’ve likely encountered real estate signs in the wild. These really stand out to potential home buyers and sellers. This is the easiest way to encourage your current clients to promote your business.

A real estate sign not only promotes your business, but it helps you boost your own sales. Use these signs to share that you have a home for sale, promote an open house, or even list a home as recently sold. They’re a powerful way to increase brand awareness without a lot of effort.


Snail mail is still alive and well. In fact, sending physical mail can be a great marketing tool. One of the best ways to use snail mail to your advantage is with postcards.

Postcards are a fun, new twist on traditional direct mail, and it’s perfect for the real estate industry. You could use postcards to say thank you, share new properties, or list properties you’ve already sold to attract new customers.

Door Hangers

Another excellent real estate marketing tool is door hangers. These are particularly powerful if you focus on specific neighborhoods. For instance, if there’s a nearby open house, you can gain a surprising amount of brand visibility with door hangers.

Because you only have a small amount of space on your door hangers, be really intentional with your design. Focus on your branding and making sure you’re communicating your message clearly and effectively.

Real Estate Brochures

Last but not least, real estate agents can use brochures to share more information through print materials. This is a cost-effective way to share greater details about neighborhoods, your business, and homes for sale.

Because these can be so eye-catching in their design, they really speak to your target audience. Just make sure you’re designing your brochure effectively to ensure your customers and prospects are drawn into your real estate printing materials.

Using Print Marketing as a Realtor

If you’re a real estate agent, print marketing can be an efficient, cost-effective way to connect with your local neighborhood. Since realtors typically work with clients in a highly specific area, like a city or neighborhood, it’s important to use materials that connect with these prospects.

Print allows you to target specifically who you’re speaking to. In addition, it’s easy to focus on visuals, something that’s key in the real estate world. When it comes to real estate printing materials, are you ready to market with print?

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