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Should I Use Digital of Physical Flyers?

The world is rapidly moving away from printing papers due to sustainability issues. Some people even say that flyer printing is a waste of paper. Digital advertising gives a better presence without having to spend tons of cash for placement in newspapers and magazines. We will explore the digital versus physical flyers debate in a little more detail below.

Physical Flyers

Despite the harsh predictions by the industry, physical business flyers continue to be a critical component for many companies. There is no shortage of physical marketing material, and you will often find the marketing team handing them out to different audiences. When you walk into the mall, you may likely find someone handing you a business flyer for your attention. The same goes for exhibitions and trade shows. The argument is that some people still like the feel of solid material in their hands. Think about it, much as you would, reading an e-book on your Kindle. Some people swear that the pleasure you get from reading and smelling the pages of a physical book is very different.

Advantages of Physical Flyers

  1. It is more likely that someone will read it.

  2. You do not have to compete for their attention as you would in online platforms.

  3. They are cost-effective because most of them consist of a sheet of paper.

  4. The production process and flyer printing is not complicated and you cam have your flyers ready within a day.

  5. You can use the online resources to design your flyer without the need of the services of an expert. You will find many templates online that you can customize.

  6. With the right targeting you can reach larger audience base.

  7. With strategic placement,. they are a fantastic option for small businesses.

  8. They act as a physical reminders to those who receive them. You can put them on notice boards or refrigerators, thus making them more likely to be seen.

  9. The face-to-face interaction between the person handing out the flyers and the potential customers is an excellent way to get immediate feedback.

  10. With the right flyer design, they are easy to read and you can pass them out in mass.


  1. You need to have a good understanding of your target audience. Some may find them outdated and tend to respond better to digital.

  2. You have space and time limitations. You can only cover one specific geographical location.

  3. You cannot be certain that the people you hand the flyer to will read them. Some may discard them immediately.

  4. Targeting can be difficult because you hand out the flyer to anyone without the benefit of having any real knowledge about them.

  5. You have to factor in additional resources to hand out the flyers. If you are dealing with a large market it can end up being very expensive.

  6. You have to deal with logistical issues, which can make it time consuming.

Digital Flyers

The online space gives you access to a broader audience base. You also get access to online resources, which you can use to generate some of your marketing collateral. Digital flyers provide a quick, convenient way of passing your brand messaging to your target audience. You do not deal with the disappointment of seeing your flyers littering different places because the recipient discarded them. All you need is an eye-catching flyer design, then someone to put it together for you if you don’t have the skill. You must have a good mailing list, and you are good to go. Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of digital flyers below.


  1. You have the benefit of many online templates that you can customize as you wish. That will significantly cut down the time you spend coming up with the right designs.

  2. With a good email list, you can reach a wider audience base.

  3. There are no limitations of geographical locations or time.

  4. You don not have a limit on the number of flyers you can generate, unlike with physical copies.

  5. They may be a more cost-effective method than physical flyers. You do not have to factor in the extra expenses of hiring resources to hand out the flyers

  6. With tools such as email schedulers, sending out your flyers to the target audience is very easy.

  7. Digital flyers are eco-friendly, and you will be playing a part in contributing to environmental. conservation by not cutting down trees to make paper.

  8. With the right targeting, you can be sure that your intended recipient gets the communication.

  9. You can change the flyer design or message in an instant, unlike the physical flyers. Once you agree on the design and messaging on a physical flyer, and you print it, you cannot change your mind without incurring an additional cost.


  1. Some of your flyers may end up in people’s spam or junk mail folders.

  2. You cannot be sure that someone will open the flyer.

  3. Online visitors have a very concise attention span, and it may not work if your brochure does not grab their attention.

  4. You have to keep up with the continually evolving technology so that you have maximum impact.

  5. They can be impersonal, and collecting feedback can be difficult.

  6. You will be competing with a lot of other businesses that are targeting the same audiences with different messages.

Which option is better

We have looked at the pros and cons of digital versus physical flyers. It would be hard to say which the better option is because every business has different marketing needs and challenges. If, for example, you are marketing your goods in a place that does not have excellent internet connectivity, it would not make sense to invest in digital flyers. If, on the other hand, you are targeting millennials, digital flyers are a better option. If you are running a short-term campaign, a digital banner will work well because you get to cut down on some of the costs. Ultimately, it comes down to what you as a business feel is the best option for you.

Final thoughts

We may not see an end to the physical versus digital flyer debate anytime soon. You must understand what your needs are as a business, and then choose the best method for you. For a business flyer to be successful, ultimately you need to have a flyer design that is captivating and provides all the essential information. Which one to use, will depend on your circumstance. Weigh your needs, budget, and content and decide which one is right for you.

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