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Table Runners: The Secret to a Great Trade Show Booth

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Your trade show booths are about more than sharing your logo and handing out flyers. They're an opportunity to connect with your audience, find leads, and build intent with local premium print material. However, if you're new to trade show marketing, you might be missing one secret to a great trade show booth: table runners.

No matter the size of your booths and events, you need to stand out. Sure, your swag and freebies matter, but so does the display it rests on. What ensures visitors stop at your booth vs. a competitor? Though it might seem small, table runners can pack a huge punch. In this guide, we'll uncover why table runners are the secret to a great trade show booth.

What Is a Table Runner?

To start, what's a table runner? Though you've probably heard of these for parties and holiday events, they're also a part of most successful event bundles and event booths.

A trade show table runner is a type of fabric display. These are used to decorate your both and add elements of branding. They're also practical, holding things in place while covering plastic or metal table frames. These can be plain, but the best table runners have custom logos and branding.

Like stretch table covers and standard retractable banners, table runners are a way to tell your brand story. Since you only have seconds to get your customer's attention, every element at your disposal needs to count. In other words, table runners are:

  • Eye-catching

  • Branded

  • Professional

  • Practical

  • Reusable

A trade show table runner isn't something you can only use a single time. Because you can repurpose them in many ways, they're an affordable form of print marketing. With over 90% of attendees at trade shows looking to learn about new products, make sure you're serving this goal.

How to Choose the Right Table Runner

Now you know what table runners are so effective, but you're not ready yet to hit the ground running at your next conference show. Table runners come in different shapes and sizes. If you're not careful with your choice, you might get something that doesn't fit, looks bad, or creates a sloppy appearance for your booth.

A few questions to ask before making your choice are:

  • Where is the logo most likely to be viewed (front, sides, top)?

  • Are you handling food or liquid, requiring extra spill protection?

  • Will your event be outdoors?

  • What shape is your table?

Not all table runners are created equal. At Gold Level Print, we specialize in high-quality print materials that are built to last. Working with a professional member of our team can help determine the best course of action. However, here are more tips for designing the right table runner.

Make sure your logo or design pops.

One of the first tips to keep in mind is that you want your logo to easily stand out. This means you should use a background color that really "pops" behind your logo. If there isn't enough contrast, it might be hard to make out what your logo says.

Ensure everything is easy to read.

Readability goes a long way in telling your brand story. If a customer can't read something in just a few seconds, they'll just move along. Test your print design to make sure your table runner is easy to read from a distance.

Keep everything simple.

In a perfect world, all prospects would spend a lot of time examining your design. In reality, they'll likely only glance at it. Having anything too complicated won't be memorable, and it distracts from your core message. Consider having one key tagline that's easy to remember.

Take care of your table runner.

Finally, if you want your table runner to last so you can use it at event booths in the future, take proper care of it. This is an investment in your business, so make sure it's one that lasts. You can spot-treat your table runner for small stains, and you can also machine wash it separately in cold water. When in doubt, ask your print manufacturer for their recommendations.

Take Off with Your Table Runner

You're officially ready to take your table runner to new heights. Whether you're planning for your first event booth or your 10th, now is the time to make each inch of your print marketing work for you. Custom quality marketing materials don't have to be complicated!

Ad the provider of the most promising print materials in the Valley, Gold Level Print knows just how important it is to trust in your table runner. This quite literally is the foundation for the rest of your products, services, and displays. Contact a member of our team to talk about your options today.

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