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The Benefits of Using A Custom Letterhead for Businesses

In this day and age, it’s important to look professional regardless of your industry. Competition is fierce, and you need to find unique ways to stand out. A custom letterhead is a customized heading on stationary with your business’s name, address, and other branding elements. Though simple, this small touch of design takes your business documents from ordinary to eye-catching.

With a reported 56% of customers finding print marketing to be the most trustworthy, it’s never been more essential to focus on your custom letterhead as a business. It’s an inexpensive, easy way to transform your B2C and B2B communications. While it’s faster to write an email, there’s something undeniably professional and trusted about using customized stationery.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of using a custom letterhead for business. From boosting customer service interactions to paying close attention to every detail, there are so many reasons to create your own custom letterhead.

Who Uses Custom Letterheads?

To begin, let’s talk about who uses custom letterheads and when they’re appropriate. Every business uses custom letterheads, from legal to healthcare to education. However, these letterheads and professional stationaries aren’t limited to information-based industries. They can be used by literally any business, including:

  1. Restaurants

  2. Reel estate professionals

  3. Contractors

  4. Ecommerce stores

  5. Marketing agencies

In other words, if you send any form of print mail to your clients, customers, or other businesses, you can benefit from custom letterheads. While you could certainly use plain paper or cardstock, this doesn’t leave the same impression as a custom design. Crafting your unique brand identity is a way to share your company’s story, make an impact on customers, and stay top-of-mind.

Why should you use custom letterheads instead of keeping it simple with your business communications? Here are the many business benefits.

Improve Your Business Image

Which business will you take more seriously? The one who sends letters on typical printer paper or the one who sends their communications on custom letterheads? The answer is simple. By focusing on your design, even with the small details, you show how serious you are about connecting with clients and customers.

Though it costs a small bit more to invest in custom stationery, it pays off with your brand image. According to the latest research, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a specific brand. When you use custom branding in every aspect of your print marketing, you make it possible for your clients and customers to remember your brand easily. Staying top-of-mind has never been more important, regardless of your industry.

Share Your Message

In addition to improving your business image, you also share your message much easier. Communicating your brand’s story, values, and message is essential, but you only have so long to capture your customers’ attention. Especially if you’re sending print mail, you need to have a way to show your customers you’re serious about what you have to say.

Regardless of whether you’re sending an invoice, update, or customer letter, you need to communicate clearly. Humans are visual creatures. They’re drawn to colors that appeal to them. By incorporating branding elements on your custom letterhead, you share your message to your audience much more clearly and effectively.

Appear Larger and Organized

Small businesses can especially benefit from using a custom letterhead. A sleek, custom design and envelopes take your business up a notch. When you treat your business with respect, your customers will do the same.

If you’re trying to land bigger clients and businesses, you need to improve your public perception. When you invest in these small details, you give the impression of being a larger, highly organized company with extensive infrastructure. Even if you’re a small team (or you work alone), you can appear strong, capable, and trustworthy with custom letterheads.

This is a small yet efficient way to stand out, appear bigger than you are, and make a positive impression on your audience. With attention spans smaller than ever, it’s important to know what materials you need when you start your business.

Upgrade Your Company Image

Are you looking for a simple way to improve your business practices? Custom letterhead might seem minuscule, but don’t underestimate the effect it can have on the way clients and customers perceive your brand. Inexpensive and easy to order, there has never been a better time to create the perfect custom letterhead.

While most business owners focus on their online presence to make an impact, they might be missing the basic tools right in front of them. Are you ready to upgrade your company image?

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