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The Powerful Impact of High-Quality Custom Stickers

While you might not give much thought to stickers, they might be the biggest branding tool you can leverage for your business. High-quality custom stickers are not only affordable, but they're also a way to strengthen relationships with customers or clients. If you want to get seen in today's world, you've got to get creative. Before the days of the internet, stickers had a strong place in marketing. Today, businesses of all sizes can leverage high-quality custom stickers as a branding tool.

However, it's not enough to purchase marketing stickers and hand them out to customers or clients. You have to approach this as you would other marketing efforts to add a final touch of branding. In other words, your custom stickers need to be made with intention and strategy in mind. In this guide, we'll share why high-quality custom stickers can help your branding as well as how to get started.


Why Are Custom Stickers Effective?

To begin, what makes stickers an effective form of marketing? One way to think of stickers is as the original social media. Prior to the internet, stickers were a way to build word-of-mouth impressions. They built trust, spread awareness, and were a fun way to get customers to interact with your business. Today's custom stickers have come a long way, and there are endless sticker designs to choose from to market yourself.

With that in mind, why are stickers so effective?

  • Free stuff: First, who doesn't love free stuff? It's all in the science of reciprocity. Giving away a free sticker with purchase or visit builds a stronger customer experience.

  • Cost-effective: Additionally, marketing can be expensive. It's important to find cost-effective strategies, and affordable stickers are the way to go. Print marketing doesn't have to be expensive, and stickers work with any marketing budget.

  • Geographical marketing: As a business, you likely have some tools to attract clients or customers in your immediate area. Things like business signage, banners, and so on can attract new customers your way. However, stickers take you even further, pushing beyond your immediate area.

  • Branding: High-quality custom stickers are another way to leverage your branding, letting you make a big impact with a small amount of (sticky) space.

  • Compliment existing marketing: If you have existing print marketing efforts, stickers help you strengthen your dollars. You can use them for postage packaging, letterheads, and so much more.

  • Sale potential: Lastly, you can always sell your stickers as a profitable product in itself. When someone's a brand enthusiast, they're more likely to share this brand with others. A sticker is a great conversation starter.


How to Market with Stickers

Now that you know why custom stickers are so powerful, it's time to talk about how to use them as marketing tools. This is the perfect time to get creative, whether you're at a trade show or local event. When you're strategic with your sticker marketing, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

Use stickers in your packaging.

If you have a physical product, this is a chance to use custom stickers. These can be placed on the outside of boxes, and it's much less expensive than custom packaging. You can incorporate a QR code or other branding to encourage engagement both online and offline.

Give stickers for free at special events.

Though you might not have the funding to give stickers to anyone who walks through your storefront (yet!), a great time to give stickers to prospects is at grand openings or special events. If you're throwing an event or participating, build an emotional connection with a sticker as the first building block. When paired with other print marketing like flyers or business cards, this can be a powerful way to build word-of-mouth engagement.

Include stickers with purchases.

Lastly, include high-quality custom stickers with customers' purchases. The right sticker acts as a special surprise after purchase, strengthening the overall customer experience. These small touches make all the difference. For a final touch of branding that's sure to impress, this is for you.


Use Stickers in Your Next Campaign

Whether you're looking to entice local buyers or build strong brand awareness in your industry, don't underestimate high-quality custom stickers. Gold Level Print is one of the premier local custom sticker providers in Arizona. Not only can you create a custom sticker to suit your needs, but you can make sure it's built to last.

Want more information about stickers Arizona-based businesses love? Contact our team today to get started.

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