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The Top 10 Most Popular Business Card Designs for Businesses

If you think business cards are out of fashion, think again. Business cards have stood the test of time as one of the key ways that individuals give contact information. However, modern business cards are very different from conventional business cards.


These days, people design their business cards themselves. They use their business cards as a reflection of their business. For instance, you work in the marble or interior design industry. You can make your business card look like a marble slab. When they seethe card later, the person will instantly remember that you work in the marble industry.

Food Business

A bite mark reflects the food business. You can get a simple conventional card with the necessary writing style and design. However, it can have a bite mark on the corner of the cards if someone took a bite out of it. This simple design is great at grabbing another individual’s attention. 

Maximalism Meet Minimalism

Your business card has two sides, and you can utilize both. You can dedicate one side to a very expressive design with your logo.The other side can be minimalistic with precise information that the card needs to have.

Use Unconventional Colors

Back and white are standard colors used in cards. However, it is your card, and you can choose any color you like. You can get a conventional card with an unusual base color like pink, teal, blue, etc. Alternatively, you can also have the writing in another color that contrasts with the base.

Graphite Bar

Cotton papers have a fascinating texture. If you look at the paper in charcoal grey, it looks like a graphite bar. Getting your business card in the paper will seem different and leave a strong impression of your business.


A card I piece of paper, and as an artist, you know how to make anything look artsy. You can put your imagination on this piece of writing as well as reflect your art style on it.

Miniature Game

If you are a sports business, then you can make your card look like the playing field. I saw one card that had a miniature football game on it. For example, you can have a goal-looking popup on the card.


Multiple textures can make your cards look appealing. You can emboss your logo on the card to make it look 3D.

Bright and Dark

You can get two contrasting colors on both sides. You can make one side look like a dark forest, and the other front of the card can have a bright color scheme.

Dental Card

Similarly, to food business cards, you can get your dental business card in the shape of a tooth.

Final Feedback

Your business card is a form of advertisement. You need to make an attention-grabbing business card so that people will remember you. Remember, your boring-looking business card will stay in the back of someone’s drawer or end up in the trash.

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