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The Top 5 Marketing Materials That You Need For Your Business!

The top 5 marketing materials might not be what you think. Whether you're running a big-name, national business, or a small, local shop, you need the right marketing materials to find success. While digital tools are important, we believe in real-world, physical connections at Gold Level Print. This is why we created this unique list of the top 5 marketing materials you need for your business.

Having Brand designed branded marketing materials sets you apart from the competition and creates a warm introduction for your customers. Not only do these materials also help to tell your story, but they build a lasting impression. With that in reason, keep reading to uncover the top 5 marketing materials you need for a thriving business in this daytime and age.


1. Business Cards

Business cards are an absolute must. While many think business cards are falling out of style thanks to the internet and social media, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are many unique ways to use business cards, and they can take your business further.

Networking is a powerful tool for any business, so don't overlook this aspect of your strategy. You always need some type of informational card you can give people you meet. Business cards act as a type of handshake or first impression. They encourage people to contact you in the future.


2. Brochures

Second, how can you share your information with your customers quickly? All marketers know that you have approximately 7 seconds to get your customer's attention. If you can't answer their questions quickly, they're likely to just move on.

With this in mind, brochures are a powerful tool. As one of the top marketing materials you need for your business, brochures guide customers through your products or services. They have ample real estate to tell your story, sell your top offers, and get noticed. These are also great places to include discounts, special offers, and upsells.


3. Flyers and Mailers

Another top marketing material is flyers and mailers. With flyers, you can share basic information about any upcoming news related to your business. This could be a grand opening, soft launch, new product, or special offers. Alternatively, you can get even more specific with mailers by compiling a targeted list and sending communications to existing customers.

There are so many ways to make flyers and mailers work for you. For example, direct marketing, like EDDM, is an affordable tool all businesses can use. If you're based locally, having a list of targeted mailboxes opens the door to new business opportunities.


4. Posters and Banners

Next, when we talk about posters, we don't refer to the big ones you see framed up in teenage bedrooms. Instead, we're referring to one of the numerous popular branding tools. You can use posters to share branding images within your store or office, like logos and quotes.

With banners, you have even more flexibility. You can name speakers for an event, share special news, and present offers. Both posters and banners are top marketing materials at any conference or event. You don't always have the time to say it all. Let your print materials do the heavy lifting for you, making a statement without having to say a word.


5. Coupons and Vouchers

Last but not least, we recommend coupons and vouchers as some of the top marketing materials at Gold Level Print. Retention has never been more crucial than in today's time and era. Your customers are savvier than ever, and they know they have options. If they're not happy with their service and experience with you, they won't hesitate to move alone.

Coupons and vouchers are a way to boost your brand loyalty. Show customers you value their support with this small token of kindness. Offering an incentive like discounts on certain items or value packages make all the difference. It's more affordable to retain your customers rather than attract new ones. Your top marketing materials should make it easier to keep your best customers happy.


Invest in the Right Marketing Materials

While digital marketing has its place, it's not the only thing that matters for your business. As a business, your marketing materials make your foundation. If you're not investing in the right things, you're likely throwing money down the drain.

Don't underestimate the impact of targeted, well-designed print marketing materials. Working with countless businesses of all shapes and sizes, we know what your customers expect from you now more than ever. The print marketing experts curated this list above at Arizona-based Gold Level Print.

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