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Tips on How To Use A Step and Repeat Banner

A step and repeat is a type of standing banner that’s used for events, parties, and boosting brand awareness. This is commonly seen at networking events, trade shows, and any time you want to show off your logo or other important design elements. Whenever you’re planning an event, it’s important to consider the right print marketing tools like the step and repeat banner.

Though these banners are easy to use and customize, you still need to smart about how you choose to use your step and repeat banner. The right tips go a long way to making this a memorable, show-stopping statement piece for your brand. Keep reading to explore the best tips on using a step and repeat banner to achieve your goals at your next event.

1. Watch for Glare

One of the main reasons to choose a step and repeat banner vs. other types of backdrops is for photography. These banners naturally attract the camera, and they’re the perfect place to set up a mini red carpet. However, the wrong material or color choice could ruin the star quality of your event.

First, some fabrics reflect light. This means you could cause flash photography or harsh lights to glare into the camera, and this isn’t a flattering effect. While vinyl is the most cost-effective, it can be the most prone to glare.

Similarly, using a white background can also increase the glare in photos. Even though the banner is matte, the white shade is prone to issues when it comes to photography. Instead, add a slight gray to the background of your step and repeat. It will still appear white, but there won’t be a nasty glare in photos.

2. Allow Time for Set Up

Though it’s easy to install a step and repeat banner no matter your skill level, it can still be a time consuming process. Because you’ll also need to install any flooring, props, lighting, and so on, allow more time than you initially think you might need.

In addition, always follow the instructions for your specific step and repeat banner. Pay close attention to any diagrams, pole labels, and so on. Because you want everything to look absolutely perfect, take the time to do everything right the first time around.

3. Pay Attention to the Logo Size

Next, pay close attention to the size of your logo. This is the central focus of any step and repeat banner, but you need to make sure it’s not too big or too small. Size is important with these banners, so make sure your logo is between 9-11 inches wide and 5-7 inches tall. When in doubt, work with a custom logo designer to make sure it’s the right fit.

If your logo is too small, it’s not going to show up clearly in photos. Similarly, if it’s too big, this could be a distraction at your event. Like Goldilocks, you want it to be “just right.” Always follow the recommended guidelines for your specific step and repeat banner provider.

4. Use High-Resolution Images

Similar to your logo size, you also need to use high-resolution images. If you want your design to look crisp and professional, you need to make sure your images are the highest resolution possible. This means using a final output resolution of alt least 100 DPI. A higher DPI means the image is sharper when enlarged.

Using an image that’s too low of a resolution will look warped when it’s printed on a step and repeat banner. Even if it looks fine on your computer, this isn’t a guarantee it will look right once printed at a full-size. Using the highest resolution possible is a must.

5. Fit the Event

Last but not least, always suit your step and repeat banner to the event itself. Each professional event is different. While you might use the same step and repeat banner time and time again (and you should), having a specific design for each function is a great way to stand out.

For example, if you’re attending a fashion event, you’ll want a sleek, professional design. You might also want to leverage a custom hashtag or special logo for this specific type of event. On the other hand, a fun, upbeat event might call for a completely different step and repeat banner. Ultimately, consider how your design helps you meet your goals.

Make the Perfect Step and Repeat Banner

With these tips in mind, your step and repeat banner will always upgrade your event. Standing out and looking professional is a must for all brands in this day and age. Making the perfect step and repeat banner doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take a bit of planning.

When you create your next banner, keep these tips in mind. From reducing glare to designing a banner suitable for the specific event, it’s all about leveraging your existing branding elements to be the best version of your company.

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