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Top 9 Business Cards In 2022 And The Strategy Behind Them

No matter where you’re at in your business journey, you can’t skip making business cards. The top 9 business cards in 2022 are more than just works of great design. There is a real-world strategy behind these that makes all the difference.

With a reported 72% of people judging a company based on the quality of their business card, there’s a lot at stake. These act as a first impression for your business, and that means you need to make your business cards stand out. Luckily, the top 9 business cards in 2022 are designed to impress. In this guide, we highlight these unique cards and the strategy behind them.

  1. Leaf Business Cards

First, leaf business cards aren’t shaped like traditional business cards. As the name implies, they’re shaped with a leaf die-cut. This means they’re more expressive and creative than regular business cards. They’re smoother and more eye-catching. If you’re looking for business cards in 2022, this design might be right for you.

Best for: Eco-friendly businesses or creative designs that stand out

  1. Traditional Business Cards

Next, you can’t overlook the power of traditional business cards. While these business cards in 2022 might not be the most striking, they’re a classic for a reason. These traditional, rectangular cards are printed on normal card stock, and they’re trusted for a reason. Better yet, these are the most affordable option. Get your Custom Business cards at Gold Level Print.

Best for: Small businesses and anyone looking to save money

  1. Suede Business Cards

Third, suede business cards are more outside the box. These are matte laminated cards with a smooth, velvet texture. Because it has a thicker lamination, it can have a UV gloss on both sides. In other words, they have a luxurious, curated appearance. This makes them one of the best business cards for 2022.

Best for: Professional and luxury businesses

  1. Plastic Business Cards

With that in mind, plastic business cards are the most durable option for business cards in 2022. These are tear-resistant, waterproof, and indestructible. It’s easy to break or damage traditional business cards, so this can be a great alternative for some businesses. They resemble credit cards in their texture and material.

Best for: Outdoor industries that need more durability

  1. Foil Business Cards

At Gold Level Print, we’ve been creating foil business cards for years. In short, foil business cards are created with a foil and silk lamination process. This means you can highlight aspects of your card, like your logo, visual elements, or other graphics. They’re more sturdy than traditional business cards, and they’re especially noticeable.

Best for: Eye-catching designs and bold statements

  1. Painted Edge Business Cards

Next, what’s a painted edge business card? As the name implies, the edge of the card stock is printed in vibrant color. This gives the card the appearance of having a bright outline in a color of your choice. If you’re using psychology to choose colors for your brand, a painted edge business card truly brings this idea to life.

Best for: Simple designs that need a pop of color

  1. Square Business Cards

If you’re looking for one of the best business cards of 2022, look no further than the square business card. Unlike regular rectangular cards, square business cards are in a unique shape. This balanced square appearance means this type of card doesn’t go with the flow or blend in. Because they’re smaller, they’re also more compact and travel-friendly.

Best for: Creative businesses on the go

  1. Rounded Corner Business Cards

Who said the corners of your business card had to be sharp? Instead, choose rounded corner business cards to soften your design. These have a unique feel to them that makes them more modern and memorable than other cards. Though not as timeless, this is a modern twist on a favorite design.

Best for: Modern, cutting-edge businesses who want to stand out

  1. Pearl Business Cards

Last but not least, pearl business cards are smooth with a glittery finish. Like pearls, they shine with a luminescence. Because Gold Level Print uses the highest quality printing technology, this style always comes out looking professional and amazing. When it comes to business cards in 2022, few designs are as robust and memorable as this.

Best for: Metallic or pearl-tone designs

Now that you know the best business cards for 2022, you’re ready to create your own design with confidence. The strategy behind these cards makes all the difference in your print marketing strategy. If you’ve made up your mind from the list above, get your custom business cards at Gold Level Print today!

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