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What are the Best Colors to Use for a Logo Design?

Logos are the windows through which potential clients view your firm. It hence goes that you cannot gamble with their design and overall making. Particularly, you have to pay keen attention to the colors you use as they have the potential to make or break the situations. We devote the length of this article to discuss the colors that may yield positive outcomes for your logo design. Picking the right color is crucial. Logos typically undergo multiple drafts before a final one is selected. Understanding what a particular color says about your company is vitally important for branding purposes.


Black is universally regarded as neutral, just like white and the gray sheds. In many cases, black epitomizes efficacy, sophistication, power, and prestige. It is a hue you want to use to convey elegance, luxury, and controls. Enterprises that deal with mourning like ambulance, funeral homes, and hearse rentals will find it handy. Companies that include black in their logo design include; Disney, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas.


Grey is yet another neutral color we have around. The hue is mainly associated with class, dignity, conservatism, and modesty. Grey is a color that is most awesome for the startups as they are struggling to make some headway in the fields wherein they are based.


Brown no doubt is the color of the earth. It does incorporate everything that is down-to-earth, stable, and practical. The color also provides some comfort and overall support. This is a color that is best used for matters of agriculture and soil. As such, it is great for firms that deal with crop and animal husbandry.


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Violet has since time immemorial been equated with royalty and spirituality. The color does trigger an association with fantasy, creativity, calm, and independence. It is largely loved by young persons, typically aged 18-25 years. Thus, an enterprise that has a liking for young persons like the social media logo will definitely find it handy. Companies that employ violet in their company logo include; FedEx, Taco Bell, Yahoo, and Twitch.


Blue is a favorite color among the Europeans and Americans. The color symbolizes calm, intelligence, confidence, and freedom. It is employed by many blue-chip companies to create and nurture trust among customer-based relations. Company logos that bear this color are generally hailed as being more professional. Some brands that utilize blue in their logo design include; Ford, Twitter, American Express, AT&T, Samsung, and GAP.


Green perhaps is the most abundant color on earth. Regardless of where you might be at any given time, you will behold this color. It does symbolize peace, nature, and calmness. Like the brown color above, green is one that is best used to adorn firms and corporations that deal in agriculture and soil-based practices. Spotify, John Deer, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Heineken, and BP are among some of the companies that use green in their business logo design.


Pink, like its parent red color, is mainly used to convey romance, tenderness, inspiration, and hope. It has also come to be associated with passion and similar emotions. Many a time, the color is associated with childhood, fantasy, dreams, and other issues that touch on the glamorous side of life. You have it for the taking if your firm deals in matters of romance. Lyft, Victoria’s Secret, Pepto-Bismol, Vineyard Vines, T-Mobile, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Barbie are just a few companies that use the color in their logo designs.


Red is the universal symbol of love. Besides love, this color also symbolizes strength, energy, excitement, courage, and life. Obviously, this is a color that those who handle matters of romance and love will find quite fascinating. These include hospitals, homes of the elderly and ambulance service providers. Target, CNN, Coca-Cola, Netflix, McDonald’s, Exxon Mobile, and Lululemon are all brands that use red in their company logos.


Orange is the color of fun, energy, excitement, sensuality, heat, and youth. Whenever the color is beheld, it imbues a sense of energy and ups the mood of those who behold the same. You will find this color awesome for that business logo and circumstances that demand a degree of warmth and vitality. Among companies that have orange in their logos are; Nickelodeon, Master Card, Fanta, Hooters, and Harley-Davidson.


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Gold and shades of yellow, just like the purple stand for royalty. These are colors hence that ought to be used by firms that similarly deal with royal products. Top examples of these are luxurious products such as high-end furniture, watches, jewelry, phones, house decorative gears, and other attractive end products. Many companies use color combinations with gold in their designs. Porsche, Lamorghini, Versace, and MGM all utilize the color gold in their company logos.


Silver has for a long time been synonymous with purity, elegance, grace, wealth, and sleekness. The color does have a metallic feeling and is as such employed mainly in tech-related industries and products. When used appropriately, the color adds a sense of luxury and vitality to the users. Lots of car companies use silver logos, tapping into the sleekness and luxury that the color brings out. Mercedes, Lincoln, Lexus, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Hyundai, and Infinity all employ silver in their logos.


White is a color that for a large part conveys cleanliness, grace, purity, simplicity, and personal hygiene. When used in a symbolic sense, this color imbues a sense of freshness and new beginnings. It does play a pivotal role in reflecting light and hence makes your logos appear more vibrant and clearly legible.


Beige is a combination of red, white, black, emerald, brown, and blue. Owing to this combination, this color brings about the sum total benefits that each constituent color does have to offer. These include a sense of earthiness, peace, calm and nature. It is a good one to use for wholesome applications.


Also called dark pink, fuchsia is a color that incorporates the brown, mint green, lime, yellow-brown, and gray. Being stringer than pink, it is most useful for conveying emotions that are related to love but which are less intense overall. This is a color you want to use for the arbitration facilities.


Turquoise arises as a combination of the dark violet, cream, brown, yellow, cherry red, and fuchsia. This is a color that is useful in logos that tend to convey or deal with a sense of calmness and relief. Humanitarian agencies, disaster preparedness, and relief organizations will no doubt find the color appropriately suited to their ends.

Electric Colors

This is not a color per se, but an assortment of colors that jointly electrify an atmosphere. These colors include but are not limited to silver, gray, light brown, brown and the golden yellow. Owing to their glowing nature, they are mainly employed in areas and circumstances that are equally glowing.


Lilac does combine white, yellow, gray, olive, dark-violet, pink, and orange. These are colors that mainly serve educational tasks and purposes. As such, they are better employed when designing logos that tend to represent educational institutions. Examples are schools, laboratories, libraries, and bookstores.


There you have them! You now know the colors or combinations of colors that are more likely to serve your logo designs well. With that knowledge in mind, why not go ahead and implement the insight you have received? It also pays to pass on the insight to others who might be in need.

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