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What are the best icons to use for a logo design?

When it comes to designing a logo, you want the logo design to be memorable. Most people have the question of; what are the best icons to use for a logo design? Well, you want to make a company logo that stands out from the pack. In terms of a business logo, there are some icons that are better than others. Since you have a world of designs at your fingertips, you can think creatively about what would suit you best. Ideally, there are some guidelines to follow when you select these logos. Whether it’s one of your social media logos or your branding logo, you need to get some knowledge about what these logos represent first.

Logos and The Computer

There are certain logos that you do not want to use. These are designs that mean something in the computer world. For example, you don’t want to select an apple logo because Apple pretty much has this design cornered. You would not want to face the confusion people have over branding, so try to avoid an apple. Other designs, such as the screw wheel, is something people immediately recognize as settings. You certainly do not want to have this as your company or social media logo. The lower case e is usually for Explorer. A file folder represents the control panel on a computer, so this one is taken as well. Take a minute to think before you jump if the logo is associated with a computer symbol and forgo that design.

Logos and Trademarking

Yes, logos can be trademarked. You wouldn’t want to use another company’s logo because it’s actually their own intellectual property. While you can’t always know every company logo out there, you can certainly comprehend that if you get something off of the Internet, it is not just automatically yours. You don’t want to deal with that intellectual properties suit after the fact. Additionally, it will cost you money to take down everything that you have put your company name and logo on. The best way to avoid these conundrums is not to select something funky that you see off the Internet.

How Are Logos Designed

It is usually graphic designers that are the ones that are creating these logos for businesses. You can hire a graphic designer remotely or from a print shop. Whatever your method, you should try to find someone who will do something original for you. After all, your logo will be a part of your business’ advertising forever. You will want to make sure that you describe to your graphic designer what you want if you have an idea. If not, you can let the graphic designer design something that the professional thinks you will like.

The Problem with Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a great way to get things done. You can rely on people who are not a part of your team to do something for you. You can even buy the copyright to the logo. It’s a win-win. However, remember that time is money in the graphic design world. You can go back and forth, but you should be paying for the graphic designer’s time. You need to make sure that you communicate effectively. The worst thing you can do is pay for a product and not get what you want. This is why you need to determine if the professional will be right for you. You will always take a chance on someone who is outside of your company. If you are a small business however, you might not have in staff people who can take a crack at it and fail. At least here you know that they have an idea of what the essence of the company is. Conversely, outsourcing will lead to more of a cold call approach. It can work out very favorably though as some graphic designers are very talented.

Making Your Logo Stick

When it comes to your logo, you want something that really fits the personality, mission, products, services, and brand of the store. You know how they say that a picture can say a thousand words? This is what you want your logo to do. Take for example, the logo of Starbucks. Starbucks is a company that has branded itself based on the green mermaid. The green mermaid is not very pretty, but it’s definitely memorable. It also looks like a Medusa of sorts but Starbucks is just a happy, comfy coffee chain. You will want this kind of feel when it comes to your brand. Your logo doesn’t have to be the most beautiful icon that you’ve ever seen, but you’ll want the icon to be punchy and unique. You’d want people to look at it and think of the name of your company. This is how logos catch on and why people spend so much time brainstorming icons.

The Sky is Your Limit

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. In fact, most innovators are the ones that are breaking into the market in new and different ways. These people see the world differently. Chances are, if you’re in the icon stage of brainstorming, you are thinking all sorts of possibilities. You are seeing the world open up to you in ways you never dreamed. The beginning stage of the business is undoubtedly the most exciting. It is also a little scary. We can see that people don’t necessarily know what they’re getting into, but they take it step by step. The next step you have is your icon, so look out to those endless possibilities. Just please be that person who helps the graphic designer if you want to design it yourself. There’s nothing worse than saying to them to choose whatever they want, and then the choice is not what you want. Give direction and take the helms if the icon is a particularly important element to you. You can even take to drawing out something and coloring it, and then letting the graphic designer recreate it in digital form.

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