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What Are The Best Kinds Of Trade Show Prints To Use?

Whenever you visit a trade show, you might note that different trade shows use different prints to pass a message. Exposing your brand is the most crucial element of graphic trade show prints. Most brands aim at creating a positive and memorable experience for their customers. A print can communicate the personalities and diversity of their brands in a trade show. Here a company can also show the traits of its brand, such as honesty, customer care, and friendliness. Lets look at some of the best kinds of trade show prints that can get your traffic converting. Read on!

Use Business Card Prints

Although a business card may not be an effective way of reaching your customers on most occasions, it is necessary for a trade show due to a large number of potential clients. Although the growth of social media has impacted the effectiveness of business cards, they will help you build a proficient connection with your customers. You will come across as a traditional professional, which is significant in the digital era. Business cards make it easy to memorize you, which is a step in making a profit in business as people always do business with people they trust. Although business cards may not be the fastest way of connecting with people, it is one way of building trust, professional image, and reputation.

Create a Logo for Your Business

For trade shows, use a logo, which is a central and identifiable image that represents your brand. A logo will help potential customers to discover, share, and remember the company’s brand. Household names such as Nike have distinguished logo, which has led to its success in beating its competitors. A logo represents a brand internationally; many people who may not read your primary languages like English or French will remember your brand based on the unique logo. In a trade showplace, your logo on the hanging banner this way, it is easy for your customers to remember it. The customers will know that you exist, and the next time they come across your logo, they will likely buy your product.

Use Flyer Banners

Flyers banners are cost-effective; they involve ideas that are outlined in a designed frame, which can then be placed in a certain location. For a trade show, ensure that you have one of the flyer banners that explains your products to the customers. People walking around your stand will be attracted to the flyer; therefore, make it colorful, give it a professional look.

Banners attract customers to your exhibition stand, and you can use it to communicate key benefits and value to the customers. Use short bullet lists that catch the attention of your customers; make sure that you meet the intent of your information. Give the people value for their time and explain the vision, mission of the organization. You may also choose to display your content on a retractable banner.

Use pop-up banners

The pop-up banner exhibition can attract customers if they have fresh and extraordinary content. One should use brand colors that incorporate the slogan of the company to the pop-up banner. Offer the best information which is relevant to the brand. Try to impress your customers with the knowledge of the pop-up message. You may also connect the pop-up banner with digital content, such as a hashtag. You may also include a link or buzzword that may create interest for your potential customers. Ensure that the pop-up content has the best quality of the print, which will impress your potential buyers.

Also, your Marketing Strategies should;

Focus On Creating Sales in Trade Show

Focus on making a sale but remember that an image may not always translate to sales; patience is a virtue that most business owners should learn. Consider the language, well-written prose may translate into more sales. Ensure that you also use the right format to display your information on the print medium.

Color and Texture Play a Critical Role in Marketing

The color and texture of your print play a critical role in selling your information, eye-catching colors will work best for a show print. Specific texture can help you communicate well with your prospective clients by building a particular theme or perception that helps sell a product. There are limitless print texture options, and you should go for one that communicates your message effectively.

Most of us think that once we have the right colors and themes, we can use any print; this is not always the truth print plays a crucial part in communicating your message. Choose the best printer and ink that will help you portray your message effectively. Have the right font which can easily be read by your potential clients. You may apply some technologies such as UV rays that treat the ink resulting in vibrant quality print.

Communicate With Your Clients

Communicate with your potential clients with business cards, at the trade show it is likely that you will meet a lot of people. Customers will know how to contact you if you offer business cards. Your business card should have the name of your business together with a brief

Use better graphics

You should have graphic designs that are current, and stylistic which gives a positive message to the potential buyers. Earlier in the 1990s, when designers had discovered Photoshop, they overused this technique to present all the information on a given print. But today, it is evident that more designers are going for a “less is more” approach. The photographs now have little effects on the graphics resulting in cleaner images with little clutter that distracts the passing of information.

It is accurate that “a picture speaks a thousand words,” excessive verbiage on a print is not likely to pass the intended message, unlike a picture. Images are likely to catch the eyes of a potential client easily compared to words explanation of the services you are offering.


Attending a trade show is the first step in marketing your business, but you should know the types of prints that will give you the expected results. Use business cards as a way of creating a relationship with your clients. A logo will be something memorable to your clients, and they will hardly forget your products. Banners such as flyers and pop-up and retractable are also better prints for your company. Always insist on applying other marketing skills such as the better colors and texture on your stand. Remember that communication is also important for your client.

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