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What colors mean for a logo

Most people underestimate the role of a logo color, which plays in a business, but the human brain is usually built to react differently to different colors. This means that your customers will judge you depending on the logo design you choose, including the colors. You, therefore, have to understand the different colors and what they represent before picking one.

What colors mean for a logo and the emotions they give


For most people, blue usually means calm or cool. This logo design color is, therefore, more suitable for those in the healthcare business. Having the different shades of blue if you have a business in the medical field will help people trust you and see you as a respectable person. However, some shades of blue, especially the darker ones, can portray you as cold, primarily if used in other businesses outside the medical field. You can mix a few different shades properly if you want to come off as sophisticated, spiritual, loyal, and confident. The trick is in choosing the right shades to portray the qualities you want


Company logos with red colors are usually perceived to be powerful and confident. Most people usually see red as a romantic color. As such, this color is more suitable in some industries like the restaurant sectors. It is also great for businesses that make food products. Red naturally increases appetites, which leads to the purchase of more food and food products. This is why restaurants painted with different shades of red attract more customers than others. Remember that your theme must match the types of food you prepare. Other feelings associated with the color include passion, intensity, and energy.


Yellow is one of the primary colors that represent friendliness. The color is very attractive and warm but is also associated with other colors like gold and sunlight. It is very diverse, which gives you a chance to choose any business logo you like for your business. Its diversity also makes it great for different types of businesses. Lighter shades of yellow are usually seen as fresh, cheerful, and affordable, but the deeper ones like gold are seen as mature and luxurious.


As a mixture of red and yellow, orange is considered to be very sweet, but it also has a mixture of both red and yellow colors. Most businesses in the food industry also prefer to use this color in their logos, but it is also perfect for other businesses because it portrays passion, joy, and happiness. The fact that some people see it as a symbol of creativity makes it great for use in social media logos.


If you want people to associate your brand with seriousness and sophistication, then black is the perfect color for your logo. Using the color may be a little challenging because it can easily come off as plain as well, and some people don’t find it interesting. However, when used correctly, it can show that you are powerful, authoritative, and elegant as well. Black also brings about a sense of mystery.


A company logo that has the color purple is usually associated with luxury because this color represents royalty for most people. This color is perfect for attracting high-end customers or those who want to improve their status in a social setting. If your demographic falls in those categories, then a purple color logo will get you many customers within a very short time. Purple is also associated with creative imagination, fantasy, magic, and mystery.


If you want people to see your brand as elegant and classic, but you think black is too bold for you and white is too plain, then you can mix them up and get gray. Gray is perfect because it isn’t too dark, and there is always room to add other colors to the business logo for the perfect finish you want. This color is mostly used in the automotive industry, with most brands opting to add a silver color to get a shiny and more attractive finish.


A white logo will show your products as pure and simple, but the color can be too plain when used on its own. This is why most brands that use the color mix it up with other colors. For instance, you can have a purple color but add streaks of white to bring a simplicity aspect to it. White is also associated with cleanliness and naiveté, which and work well for you. The color also blends with all the other colors when used in the background. Also, at the front, which makes working with it easier.


Most people associate pink with femininity, which makes the color perfect if you produce or sell feminine products. Because of this, the color is most suitable if your target demographic is women. The color is also considered to be sweet, which makes it perfect for sugary products like candy ice cream and cakes. Using the logo design is also appropriate if you want your business to come off as fun and friendly.


When people see green, the first thing that comes to mind is the environment and natural vegetation. Green is also a color that represents healing and wholeness. Many companies that want to be perceived as eco friendly opt for green colors on their logos, and it usually sends the message. If you are selling vegetarian or organic products, then your logo must have some shades of green. However, it can also be used in companies that want to show that they are ethical, like financial companies. Green also portrays tranquility and freshness.


This is one of the least used logo colors because of the misconception that it represents decaying and rotting. The color can make your brand unique and show you as natural and rugged. It is mostly great for businesses that offer outdoor services because it also represents nature. The color can also make your brand come off as serious and masculine, which also makes it suitable for those who sell vintage products or hand-crafted products. Most women don’t like the brown color so you should avoid it if you only sell feminine products.

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