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What Is A Vector File?

We have had clients ask numerous times, “What is a vector file and why do I need it?” We have also received requests from a client’s existing logo to start our design work, only to get a rasterized file format that doesn’t allow us to use it with unlimited creativity.

In this article we will explain to you the many vector formats (the EPS files), explaining what they are and why you should use them for your company logo.

What is the definition of Vector Graphic?

A vector file, in rough terms is; “Vector graphics files store the lines, shapes and colors that make up an image as mathematical formula.” They are also known in graphics as EPS files.

Adobe Illustrator Use vector files

There are vector graphics programs that are available like Adobe Illustrator that use mathematical formulas to fix the screen image, building the best quality image possible. The mathematical formula in such programs as these determine where the dots that make up the image should be placed for the best results when displaying the image.

Should I worry about resizing my Logo?

Since the formula of a vector file can produce an image scalable to any size and detail, keep in mind that the quality of the vector image is limited only by the resolution of the display. The file size of vector data generating the image stays the same. A great example is when printing vector images on paper, it will usually give a sharper, higher resolution output than displaying them on a screen, but they are still using the exact same vector data file.

Why Should I have my Logo in Vector Format?

  1. We can manipulate the file more for other future graphics for printing for you.

  2. We can separate it from the background of each image and pull apart elements easily

  3. We can edit all of the colors

  4. We can use it on stationery designs for any other use for you

  5. We can use it for other print materials, including brochures, direct-mail pieces, etc.

  6. The colors can be printed consistently from any standard printer

  7. It can be scaled to fit a billboard and won’t lose quality

  8. It can be created in outlines so that the font never loads differently

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