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What is the Standard Business Card Size?

what is a business card?

Business cards are used as promotional tools for companies and businesses. A well designed custom business card with the appealing but not too bright colors and fonts makes a great impression on the customer as well as investors.

Quotes and marketing messages can be added on business cards. Business cards, which are of high quality, leave a lasting impression on consumers. These cards are beneficial to business owners, such as, serve as a method of advertising and a recognition tool for brands. Contact information are also included on business cards to ensure that customers are able to get in touch with the business owners.

standard business card size

custom business card

A standard business size card is able to hold important information regarding the business. These information include contact details, name of the company, and the logo on the front side. On the back stage, the information that can be printed include a quote or information that shows the commitment and support to the cause.

Nonetheless, many business owners are oblivious to the average size for business card. The lack of understanding increases the rate of confusion and wastage of time when there is communication between the designer of the cards and the business owners.

Understanding the standard size of cards ensures that the firm as well as the printing company are on the same page when it comes to the design of the business card. The design of a standard business card varies from one country to the next. Business owners should ensure that the size is in line with the standard of the country.

Font size of s a standard business card

There is no specific font size that is set for business cards. What is important, is to ensure that you use a font size that makes it easy for the presented text to be printed.

The name of the company and the contact information ought to be than the font size of 12. You should ensure that font selection is not less than 8. This is because small fonts make the text illegible and this can affect customer’s impression.

Tips for printing standard sized business cards

When you are designing standard sized custom business cards, ensure that all the graphics and each text are within the standard business size.

Ensure that an additional 1/8 inch are left. This is because of the background and design elements that stretch beyond the standard size. This is very important as there will be no room for awkward and weird graphics that can otherwise the hurt the reputation of the business.

When it comes to printing, ensure that the soft copy sent to the printing company is editable and a layered source file (for instance PSD, INDD, AI, or EPS format). Also, every saved file ought to be in 300 dpi resolution and the color should be CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) color.

Finally, ensure that the template layers are removed when submitting the final file. Each side of the card should be in separate folders that ought to be labelled clearly.

Keeping these tips in mind when printing will minimize wastage of time as well as communication efforts with the printing company.

Standard Business Card Size in Different Countries

The standard business card printing dimension is different from country to country. The sizes of business cards are not regulated by a specific or any official body. The existence of standard business card size is because of convenience as well as traditions in the countries.

Filling devices as well as business card holders in different countries also should be compatible with the existing standards. Other cards, such as credit and debit cards, in these countries, are also known to have an impact on the standard business card sizes.

For instance, the standard size of banking cards in Western Europe is 85.6mm by 54.0 mm while the business cards in the same country is 85mm by 55 mm. This makes it easy for the different cards to be used in the same holders when necessary.

The dominant standard in a neighboring country can also affect and lead to adoption of the size of a standard business card. For instance, Canada adopted the standard U.S. business card size.

These factors can fortify the uniformity of dimensions of business cards in the countries. Here are the different printing sizes for different countries;

1. U.S.A and Canada

The standard size of a business card in Canada and the U.S. is 3.5” by 2”, which is the standard finished size. If you are a designer and wishes to create standard American Business cards, you can approximate this to 89mm by 51mm or a ratio of 1.75. In Photoshop, the standard dimension of a business card is 1050 by 600 pixels.

There are instances of bleed area, which extends further out prior to trimming of final sizes of the cards. This is very critical since it offers a safe space when the business card is trimmed. The bleed can be of any width, but 1/8” is ideal.

2. Japan

Japan has the largest standard dimension of business cards when compared to other countries worldwide. The standard size is 3.6” by 2.2”, which is approximated to 91mm by 55mm. The average size in Photoshop is 1074 by 649 pixels.

3. China

The standard dimensions in China are 3.5” by 2.1”, which can be approximated to 90mm by 54 mm. The standard business card size in Photoshop is 1050 by 637 pixels.

4. Western Europe

The standard dimensions in Western Europe countries (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and Netherland) is 3.3” by 2.2”, which is approximated to 84mm by 55mm. The standard business card size in Photoshop is 1003 by 649 pixels.

5. Russia and Eastern Europe

The standard card dimensions in Eastern Europe countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary) and Russia is 3.5” by 2”, which is approximated to 90mm by 50mm. The standard business card measurement in Photoshop is 1062 by 590 pixels.

6. Oceania

The custom business card measurements in Oceania is similar to that of Russia and Eastern Europe countries, that is, 3.5” by 2”, which is approximated to 90mm by 50mm. The standard business card measurement in Photoshop is 1062 by 590 pixels.


Printing of standard size custom business cards is significant because it creates a good first impression. The card is not limited to information regarding the company but also it can contain promotional messages for clients. Be creative and ensure that your card is impressive.

Understanding the sizes in different countries helps in knowing the space that is required doe the design and the text. It will help you know what should be sent to the business card printing company.

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