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What should a good business card should look like?

Business cards are one of the essential elements of business since they tend to reflect the image of a business. If your company has good looking business cards, you are likely to get more clients compared to companies that have bad business cards. This is because customers can judge how serious a business is just by looking at your business card. This is enough reason to ensure that your company’s business cards are perfectly made in terms of the business’s card’s size, printing, quality, and also the information printed on the business card. Before looking at how you can make good business cards, it is important to know what a business card is and what importance are they to any business setup. Well, business cards are cards that have a standard business card size of two by three inches that are used to show an individual’s contact information like the phone number, email address, the person’s name, and the title that an individual holds in a given company. A business card also has the company’s information like the company name and the company’s website. Business cards are act as a company’s marketing tool through handing them out to potential clients in corporate and networking events. Gold Level Print can help you with all of your printing needs.

Tips that help in making good business cards

1. Make sure the business card has the correct contact details

The main information that is printed on a business card is the contact details, which actually enables the sharing of contact details with a potential customer. A good business card has clear contact details with the right font size and the correct spellings. Apart from the contact details, make sure all the other details are correctly spelled. This makes it very easy for your client to contact you in a way they are most comfortable with. We here at Gold Level Print can assist you with correct contact details.

2. Choose a design that fits your business

The first impression really matters, and your business acts as a mirror of your business values. If your working style is formal and straightforward, the business card dimensions should be able to reflect those qualities. In case your business services and products are creative and playful, adding a catchy tagline and using bold colors will enable the capture of the business traits.

3. Choose the right size, shape and business card dimension that is appropriate for your business

Choosing the right business card size is very important. This is because the size determines the font size of the text to be added on the tee business card and also the amount of information to be printed on your business cards. The card’s size can either be horizontal rectangular or vertical, depending on the business card design and size.

4. Ensure your business card is special and unique from other competitive businesses

This comes in during the business card printing process. Printing of your business card can be as simple as printing a standard business card which is done on a non-embossing and non-coated paper or it can be complex like the other types of business cards that are printed on matted printing materials or materials that have a feel of silk or satin.

5. You can add some uses to your business card

You can use the backside of your business card as loyalty stamps, a handy calendar, or appointment reminder. You can name out the important dates and what you have to offer in your company on the handy calendar’s side.

6. Make your business cards thicker with colored edges

Thick business cards show a lot of professionalism and quality that reflects a positive aspect of your business. A colored business card edge increases the visibility of your business card among the other cards that a client collects at networking events.

7. You can add a call to action or a promo to your business card

A call to action in a business card greatly markets your business. This is because they will easily attract potential customers as others email or call to find out more about the promo. This creates an opportunity for your business to further advertise the company’s products and services as they reply to the emails and answer the calls.

8. Adding an image that shows what your business does

A good image on your business card can have a great impact on your business. Use an image that is sharp, clear, and easy to understand. This will help the clients to have a clear image of what your business is all about without necessarily reading the information on the business card. The image has to be of small size, just one that leaves enough space for the details to be printed on custom business cards and in the right and visible font size.

9. Make your business cards simply by using a simple design

Using a simple design in your business card is very important. Overdoing the design by adding too many colors and images can end up confusing your clients. Ensure your company’s logo and the contact details are well spaced since the clients can decide to write something on it, for example, where they obtained the card from.

10. Pay very close attention to your company logo

The company logo is the face of the company. Therefore it has to be visible and well-spaced in your business cards online. There should be very little elements like texts, images, and colors around the logo. This enables the clients to see it at a glance. Gold Level Print also does company logos to help you.

11. Ensure a lot of space is left blank

When a business card has a lot of blank space on it, this enables the eyes to concentrate on the important information, which are the contact details. Leaving plenty of blank space also ensures the de-cluttering of the business card.

12. Creation of a 3D effect

With the current technological advancements using a 3D effect on a business card can make it stand out. A 3D effect makes the business card look and feels unique; it adds some sense of style and elegance to the business card.

13. Make a custom business card

If you are creative and have some great ideas, you can decide to make your business ideas personally. Customizing your business cards can be very time consuming, but you will feel satisfied with your own creation. We also give you the option at Gold Level Print to help you with any custom business cards that you may need.

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