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What to Put on Childcare Business Cards

If you own a childcare business, whether you operate a daycare, work as a nanny, or provide babysitting services, it’s important to find affordable ways to market yourself. Because childcare businesses rely on trust to attract new clients, you need to always appear professional and authentic. One of the best ways to build trust and connections is through childcare business cards.

The childcare market grows each year. By 2022, it’s expected to grow by another 11.3%, making it one of the fasted growing industries in the country. How do you stand out with your business with more and more providers each year? It comes down to your print marketing strategy. An accessible, affordable place to begin with print marketing in Phoenix is with your business cards. In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to put on childcare business cards to grow your business.

Company Name and Your Name

To start, your childcare business card should have your company name. In addition, you should also add your own name, especially if you’re the sole provider in your childcare business. If you’re a babysitter or nanny, you might only need to include your name. Why is having your name front and center important? It’s how you stand out and add personalization.

In the childcare industry, you’re the face of your business. You’re the person personally working with children and helping them grow. When you hand your business cards to parents, you want them to recognize that you are the person behind your childcare business.

Your Contact Information

Next, you also need your childcare business cards to include your contact information. This should be all of the following:

  1. Phone number

  2. Email address

  3. Business address (if applicable)

  4. Website

If you don’t have a business address, it’s a good idea to list the city or location that you work. Many nannies and babysitters work in a specific neighborhood or area, so this is important to share. If you have a website, you might also consider including a QR code to encourage engagements with your digital presence.

Childcare Safety and Certifications

In the childcare industry, it’s important to share your certifications. These can be related to safety, childcare education, or professional experience. Though you shouldn’t get into too much detail when you have limited space, it’s essential to highlight any special qualifications that help you stand out.

These can be one of the best things to put on the back of your business card. Because you’re limited in space, get creative with how you use all of the precious real estate on your print materials.

Parent Reviews or Testimonials

Though optional, you might consider including a stand-out review or testimonial on your business card. As a childcare provider, parents trust you to care for their little ones. By sharing one of your best reviews, you help build that trust when it matters the most.

There’s a lot of research behind the power of reviews and testimonials as a marketing tool. A reported 72% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers, so don’t underestimate just how great this can be for your business.

Childcare Photos

Last but not least, it’s often a good idea to include photos on childcare business card. Like real estate business cards, you’re the face of your business. You want to show that you’re an authentic, genuine person who can be trusted, and people trust images more than text.

What types of images should you include?

  1. Your professional headshot

  2. Photos of you with past clients

  3. Images of your daycare space

Consider ways to use visuals to your advantage. If you don’t have any photos of you with previous clients or of your workspace, you could use clipart or stock photos that represent your business. This is the time to great creative.

Grow Your Childcare Business

If you’re a babysitter, daycare owner, or nanny, it’s never been more essential to put your most trustworthy foot forward. There are more childcare providers than ever before, so the competition is fierce for clients. In this people-first industry, take a personal, human approach to your childcare business cards.

As long as you have a high-quality, custom design, you’re ready for anything. This print marketing tool might sound simple, but it’s at the foundation of every business.

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