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Why Having a Good Logo Matter for a Business

In the professional world, first impressions are everything. Whenever you go to a networking event or a mixer, it’s important to make a good first impression. The same principle holds true for businesses themselves. For brands that are competing with tons of other companies in the same industry all offering similar products and services it can be hard to stand out. For branding purposes, it’s important that businesses have a good logo. In a marketplace that is so heavily dominated by visuals and brand recognition, having a good custom logo design is a marketing necessity for any business.

Company logos should be recognizable

Your logo is your brand identity

Branding is key for businesses looking to sell products. Companies with the best marketing have a strong logo that speaks for itself to create its own identity. A great logo can sometimes be so recognizable that even people who aren’t in your industry or even look at your products regularly will still know who you are and what your brand is about. Nearly everyone is familiar with the Apple logo. The top brands in the world sell largely on their logo whether it’s the Nike swoosh, the Coca-Cola logo, or the IBM logo. Branding is everything and the better your brand can be associated with a logo, the easier it is to market.

Back in 2010, a survey by Sponsorship Research International found that the McDonald’s logo was the most recognizable image in the world. In the survey, 88% of respondents could easily identify the fast food company’s golden arches. By comparison, just 54% could easily identify the Christian cross. Logos are among the strongest branding tools in business. If your company can produce an effective logo design that strongly convey the core of your business and its message, it can help enormously with branding and creating a unique identity for your business. This can subsequently produce more leads and drive up business.

Company logos foster brand loyalty and trust

A quality logo can create consumer loyalty

Logos don’t just make your brand recognizable, it makes it shareable as well. Studies show that nearly half of consumers are likely to develop brand loyalty when they first purchase a product. Like with restaurants and contractors, those consumers are then more likely to recommend your business. All this can happen just from a logo that grabs people’s attention, so having a good design is needed.

Having a logo that fosters brand loyalty is incredibly valuable for building your brand and expanding it. Take clothing brands for example. Those who remember the early to mid 2000’s know that during that time brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle. It wasn’t just enough to have a striped shirt with a collar, it also had to have Abercombie’s moose on it. A quality logo design allows your brand to stand out from the rest of the competition. Having that moose or seagull on your shirt differentiates you from your competitors and the people who purchase your products proudly wear your logo. The same technique is true and can be replicated across every industry. Eventually your target audience will come to expect to see that image and will become excited by it. A logo in simplest terms, is a graphic or emblem that your company uses to make itself recognizable to your audience. It is the visual representation of your brand’s message and ideals.

Custom logo design

Things to consider when designing a logo

When creating your company’s custom logo design there are a number of factors to consider. First, you logo should stand out. There’s no point in trying to model your design after another company that is successful since the entire point of creating a catchy design is to distinguish your brand from others. Your design should be three things: distinct, recognizable, and memorable. Your brand logo should leave a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers or clients that creates enough curiosity that people want to come back to it.

The design should also be able to be used across multiple platforms whether that is in an Instagram post, as an avi on social media, or up on a billboard. Details are extremely important when creating a custom logo design. Keep in mind that depending on your industry, you may choose to focus on different elements or design such elements differently. For example, an MMA gym may want to use large bold fonts, while an event planner may wish to use smaller, lighter cursive fonts. A clothing brand may want to focus on a singular image or graphic while a real estate firm may wish to have more of a textual focus.

Mass marketing with logos

Logos aid with mass marketing

The goal of a logo is to be effective enough to carry your brand on its own. When engaging in mass marketing campaigns, a good logo is as good as the best presentations you can put together. As previously mentioned, your logo should be well optimized to be displayed across a variety of mediums. Advertising for your business means putting your logo everywhere, on signs, in magazines, on posters, packaging, social media and more. In order to begin advertising in a mass marketing campaign, a solid logo is needed. If done right, everything you do will be associated with your logo and your brand. If a logo is anything, it’s a tool for mass communication. It’s the visual representation of your company that can be plastered all over and reach wide audiences. For that reason it is even more imperative that your custom logo design be unique.


Your logo is what sets you aside from everyone else in your industry. Think of your logo as the catalyst that will lead people to your brand and to potential transactions. We’re all familiar with the metaphor, ‘lead a horse to water,’ consider your logo, that which will lead people to your company. By having a design that is easy to digest, conveys the message of your company, and is memorable enough to hook people in can make all the difference when facilitating leads for your business. Branding is everything and those with a powerful logo have a leg up on all their competition.

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