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Upload Your Design Below

How To Upload Your Design:

1. Prepare your file as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG. Please make sure to include bleeds. (Your logo is not a design.)


2. Enter Your First Name, Last Name, and Order Number

3. Click the Upload File button and choose the file you wish to upload.

4. Click "Submit My Files" and thats it! Our team will receive your file and will send you proofs with your design.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting your design! We will be in touch.

File Specifications

Bleed: Please add 1/8" of bleed (0.125) to your artwork/design all around.

  • If bleed is missing your prints will come out with white border outline.

  • Adding a bleed minimizes the risk of cutting off any information or images

Still Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble preparing your file, or just have questions then please reach out to us and we will help you.

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