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Are your Business Postcards EDDM Friendly?

For businesses and marketing companies, direct mail is one of the most effective and efficient forms of advertising. Unlike most forms of mass communication advertisements such as billboards, direct mail allows businesses to be sure exactly who is getting your message and communicate directly with existing clients and potential new clients. 

Direct mail allows for total control over what is contained in the envelope or on the postcards and know who will be receiving it. For companies looking to target and engage with a specific consumer market, direct mail is one of the best methods for reaching your targeted audience.

What is EDDM?

For businesses that are new to a particular neighborhood and or don’t want to pay for an address list, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a great option to get your message out. EDDM, is a specific service offered by the Post Office that allows businesses to reach new potential clients without knowing their address. This form of advertising is most optimal for restaurants, small businesses, local political campaigns, and realtors. 

One huge advantage to EDDM compared to other bulk mailing options is that EDDM costs are cut considerably as you or your EDDM provider do all the sorting and packaging for the USPS. In many cases, even if a business already has a mailing list, it can still be less expensive to use EDDM. Paying for leads can be costly. Rather than spend money purchasing leads and lists, brands can simply use the online tool provided by the USPS to research delivery areas to find the best zip code or route for your advertisement. Campaigns can be designed to specifically target commercial or residential or both. 

Using this form of bulk mailing is quick and easy to set up and allows businesses, especially new businesses, to reach entire zip codes and postal carrier routes without the need for a specific mailing list which can be costly to obtain. Using this, companies can these mailing campaigns to easily build brand awareness, drive traffic to their business, and generate transactions. 

Formatting your EDDM postcards

EDDM postcard

As with everything, there’s a trick to the trade when using EDDM. As far as formatting EDDM postcards, the main rule is that all mail pieces must contain the entire mailing label on the ‘top half’ of the postcard. The orientation of the mailing piece, portrait or landscape, does not matter but the top half will always be the ‘shortest.’ 

The USPS also has very specific requirements for size. When designing your mailing postcard you’ll want to review these requirements. Dimensions of EDDM pieces must be as follows: either taller than 6.125” or longer than 11.5” and smaller than 12”x15.” Postcards also cannot be longer than 10 inches, higher than 12 inches, or thicker than ¾ inch. Specifics for the USPS sizing requirements for EDDM postcards can be found on their website.

Picking the right size postcards

First, before you begin designing the card you want to send, pick the right size. There are three main different sizes of cards you can print for EDDM. First there’s the 6.25’’x9’’ card. This is the smallest you can print and is for that reason often the most economical. It’s also one of the most popular and being larger than a half sheet of paper, still provides tons of room for you to advertise your business. The next size is the 6’’x11.” Typically businesses that utilize a business reply in their mailing.

 The largest size is the 8.5”x11.” This is a full sheet paper which allows maximum space to get your message out, explain what services you offer, and provide more discounts and coupons. Depending on what you’re advertising you’ll want to mix it up with sizes. Lots of businesses rotate between the 6.x25”x9” and the 6”x11.” 

Designing your EDDM postcards


When crafting your postcard you want to make sure that your print material is bold and stands out. This begins with having a clear and catchy headline. If you have a company slogan or tagline, it may be good to include at the top to make your brand pop. You want to make it crystal clear to your audience what your company is offering. 

Something else you should be sure to have on your print materials is an attention grabbing image. You want this image to be clear and distinct but not too overpowering and distracting. The goal should be to have a high quality image that grabs attention and serves as the focal point of your postcard. When you print your cards, keep in mind that people will most likely see the image first before they read the words. With that, you’ll want to be certain that both your photo and headline compliment each other well and do a good job at representing your business. Another image to include on your EDDM postcards is your company logo.

Consider the needs of your target audience. Most people who go to businesses are trying to solve a problem. Think of why people would seek out your business services and cater to those problems and how your company can solve them. Most google searches are related to problems. Frame your advertisement in a way that lets people know that you can solve their problem. 

Call to action

Additionally, you want your print materials to contain a clear call to action. What is it you want the people who receive your postcards to do? Whether it is to simply visit your website, call and get a free quote, or otherwise, be sure to include a call to action that encourages them to engage with your business. Include things like “don’t delay!” “visit our website today!” and similar phrases. 

CTA phrases on printed materials that tend to do the best as far as encouraging recipients to inquire about your business are; subscribe now!, call (insert number) today!, I want X! (speaking in the voice of the consumer), and get X now!

Including CTA phrases that engage your potential clients is one of the best ways to make your postcards EDDM friendly and most effective at creating leads. Another thing that helps generate traction is printing discounts and coupons and time sensitive offers onto your card. Promote any deals or special offer codes that you have such as “15% off” or “Use promo code X” are good things to include on your EDDM. 

Every door direct mail is a great tool for small businesses to advertise to specially targeted audiences for a fraction of the cost of purchasing address lists. Simply select your mailing route or zip code, design your postcard, and let the Post Office deliver your postcards to a pool of potential clients. As long as the postcards your print are of high quality, contain attention grabbing headlines and images, and a call to action, you’re sure to increase brand awareness and generate leads. 

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