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Surprising Reasons You Need an Office Window Decal Upgrade

An office window decal is a way to capture attention. Whether you're running a store, traditional office, or event, window decals are one of the most impressive types of business signage. Still, many businesses skip this underutilized option in favor of other ways to grab attention fast.

Windows are just about everywhere. Many offices and storefronts have windows across, giving you an innovative way to market your business. However, did you know there might be surprising reasons why you may need an office window decal upgrade? In this guide, we'll explore the advantages of an office window decal upgrade.


Identify Your Business

First, an office window decal is a way to identify your professional service or business. Like a highway billboard, it identifies and locates your business for passersby. It familiarizes people with what your brand does, and it also helps spot your location.

While a storefront sign is great for those farther away, it's easier to miss if you're walking directly in front of your building. Unlike a sign, window decals are much easier to customize and swap out with new offerings and deals.


Boost Brand Awareness

Next, the highest quality office window decal is a powerful way to boost brand awareness. Getting your name out there has its value, even if it doesn't lead to an immediate sale. In marketing, the rule of 7 notes that someone needs to encounter your brand seven times before they're ready to make a purchase.

The more comfortable the public gets with your brand, the more likely you'll be top-of-mind when they're ready to buy. Brand awareness can't be an afterthought, no matter what type of company you run.


Highlight Special Sales

Another unique way to use office window decals is as a way to show off special sales and promotions. We can all relate to walking past a storefront and being interested in one of the colorful, well-designed decals in the window. Communicating with customers is always important, especially if you have a new offering.

You're not limited in what you can promote through your window decals. Some ideas include:

  • Deals and promotions

  • Discount offers

  • Final sales

  • New offerings

  • 5 Star service reviews

Your goal is to find innovative ways to get consumers through the door. If they don't know what you have to offer, how can you ever expect prospects to walk inside or make a call?


How Window Decals Fit in Your Budget

When it comes to the top reasons you may need an office window decal upgrade, don't forget your marketing budget. Unlike other forms of marketing, window decals are affordable and customizable. It's easy to work with whatever your existing print marketing budget is, and you have a lot of options.

Using the highest quality professional service to print your custom decals makes all the difference. For example, Gold Level Print handles all printing needs no matter the size of the project. You can even combine this type of marketing with digital initiatives by using QR codes, custom URLs, and so on.


Types of Office Window Decals

Lastly, there are different types of office window decals. These are designed to meet your specific needs. Just as you can find different highway billboard options, you can also choose from these types of window decals:

  • Perforated: Perforated window decals are the ones that have holes for visibility from the inside. These can also protect the privacy of your storefront or office space.

  • Static cling: Alternatively, static cling decals don't require any adhesive. They stick to a glass surface, and there are different transparency options.

  • Die-cut: More commonly recognized as vinyl stickers, these take the shape of the graphic or design without taking over too much window space. They can be both inside and outside.

  • Opaque: Lastly, opaque vinyl is used to create a sense of privacy while showing clear graphics.

No matter your choice, window decal color faded or window decal peeling off are never fun. Taking the care to choose the best print provider, as well as taking care of your decals, makes all the difference.

At Gold Level Print, we specialize in helping brands find the right print materials for their needs. As you can see, there are many significant reasons why you may need an office window decal upgrade. These decals are built to last, and they're a great invitation to your business.

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