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What are better for my business event: flyers or brochures?

Indeed, marketing your business or brand can prove to be relatively hard. But, how about if you consider a new marketing strategy, a strategy that is relatively less conventional might be the right solution for you. Here is where flyers and brochures step in.

In the recent past, most people have chosen to embrace both flyers and brochures. Most likely, it is because of the various merits that they tend to draw. However, it has become relatively hard for people to choose between these two options.

You are most likely looking forward to deciding between brochure and flyer printing. In this light, we take a look at some of the most prominent features of each marketing option. This comparison will play a vital role in making informed decisions in the long run.

Let’s start with the basics;

What are brochures and flyers?

Often, a flyer is considered an unfolded yet printed sheet used in advertising a brand in events. You could choose to publish it in ink or through full-color printing. This way, you will be sure of enhanced visibility and ease of reading.

On the other hand, brochures are informative pieces of paper, usually printed for dishing out during events. They can be folded into leaflets, templates, or pamphlets. The folding is dependent on your goal or suitability to the event.

The following are critical elements that differentiate these two.

  1. Purpose

In most cases, a flyer will be integral in promoting your brand, products, services, and events. You could also rely on them during trade fairs. Well, mostly, they bear information on things such as discounts, the introduction of new products, and advertising new openings, including concerts.

Often, business flyers will aim at passing critical information in a relatively straightforward manner. Once someone reads it, they will be free to throw the piece of paper. For this reason, they come in relatively thin pieces of paper. Besides, did you know that it is meant mostly for passers-by?

Contrarily, brochures are designed to act as reference materials. It is in this light that they are featured on thick paper, which often highlights durability. The information they have is not only comprehensive but also concise. Perhaps, you could rely on them as after-sales follow-up material too.

In most cases, you will be free to keep a brochure for much longer. This way, seeping the necessary info from it will hardly be a hassle. Besides, it will be essential in clarifying any of your doubts in the long run.

While at it, you will witness that flyers come in handy for short-lived campaigns. In most cases, the events could last for between a day and a week. Contrarily, brochures are informational sheets that act as a reference from time to time. They highlight products and services, and therefore, come in handy for the long term.

  1. Flyer design vs. brochure design

It would be unfair not to mention the distinctive difference between a brochures design and a flyer design.

More than often, you will witness that flyers tend to have writings only on one side. Remember, their goal is to pass short promotional messages. For this reason, they will hardly take much space. Ideally, the writings are often bold and big enough for you to read without too much struggle. Did you know that they could also entail impressive images?

When it comes to brochures, they contain more information. In this regard, they will most likely occupy relatively more space. Unlike flyers, brochures have more descriptive information. For this reason, most of them are double-sides. They might also contain various images.

As mentioned earlier, while flyers are unfolded, business brochures will always come in either double or multi-folds. It is a design that is almost inevitable.

It will also be vital to point out the durability of the two. Brochures will often be more durable, and with a coating that helps in preventing wearing out. Flyers are hardly durable as they come in common paper.

  1. Cost

Undoubtedly, the budget will always be a big concern for most businesses. It will be vital for you to understand which option will guarantee you value for your money.

For various reasons, flyers will often be cheaper than brochures. Usually, flyer printing will hardly consume many resources. The paper used is relatively small and thin, and the ink is reasonably less. In this light, flyers will be vital when it comes to dispensing information to bigger audiences.

On the other hand, business brochures are more likely to cost more. That is because you will use more durable and thicker paper. Besides, the information on these brochures takes up more space, and you will, therefore, use too much.

  1. Size

Indeed, the size of these two will always vary. One of the critical reasons for this is the amount of information they carry. The more information that one comes with, the much more prominent it will be.

Usually, brochures will be bigger than flyers. However, you will witness that they come in different sizes, depending on the amount of information to pass. Most often, it will come in standard-paper dimensions. Further, as mentioned earlier, it will come in folds, which form multiple panels. It is only through this that they will carry all the necessary info.

Let’s now talk of a flyer’s dimensions. In most cases, it will feature dimensions of 8.5*11 inches. Interestingly, this size is not only standard but also enough to carry all the info that a flyer should.

  1. Distribution

Time and again, flyers will be given out indiscriminately. That is because they are relatively affordable and aimed at promotional purposes. Remember, they constitute information and fact sheets essential in promoting content. Besides, you could distribute them through mail or by hand.

On the other hand, brochures tend to be distributed in a more discriminate manner. You could readily associate this move to their costs. Did you also know that most often, the brochures will be given by hand?

In conclusion, both brochures and flyers play a significant role in business promotion. For this reason, there is none greater than the other. It will all depend on the intention and duration of your campaign.

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