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Why Are Businesses Switching to Direct Mail Postcards?

As the world becomes more digital, why are businesses switching to direct mail postcards? With businesses re-opening their doors and considering new ways to reach existing customers, now is the time to stay relevant. While it’s true digital marketing plays an essential role in today’s world, digital fatigue is kicking in for many. This means it’s time for businesses to switch to direct mail postcards to get the attention of their audience.

Direct mail has never been more essential. Though the world is moving online, this has also led to increased rates of digital burnout. In other words, people aren’t responding to digital messaging the way they did in the past. In fact, a reported 59% of US consumers enjoy getting mail from brands about new products and services. This type of direct mail marketing breaks through the digital noise. It gets noticed. In this Gold Level Print article, we’ll share why businesses are switching to direct mail postcards in rapid numbers.

Direct Mail Has a Higher ROI

First, direct mail is actually one of the best uses of your marketing budget. In fact, direct mail has a higher ROI than other types of marketing, like paid search ads or online display. The median ROI for direct mail campaigns is 29%, putting it just behind social media marketing. Though many argue the opposite, the stats don’t lie; direct mail isn’t dead.

Though email marketing might have high click-through rates, how many of these clicks drive real action? The actual response rate for email marketing is at just 0.6%, much lower than the response rate of direct mail at 5.3% (for homes vs. 2.9% to prospect lists). This means your prospects are more likely to respond to direct mail vs. other forms of marketing.

Target Local Audiences

When it comes to local marketing, direct mail is also a powerful tool. This is another reason why businesses are switching to direct mail postcards as a marketing tool. If you’re trying to attract local audiences to your local business, sending post cards is a great way to let your audience know where they can find you.

If you know who your target audience is, you can leverage direct mail postcards to make your marketing dollars count. You can target specific zip codes, neighborhoods, and more to get greater foot traffic when it matters most.

Direct Mail Is Memorable

As we explained above, people are growing tired of constant digital messages. It seems like everywhere one goes online, there are endless ads and calls to action. This gets exhausting really quickly, and it’s why so many people are immune to online marketing. Snail mail matters more than ever before because it’s memorable and cuts through the noise.

In fact, 73% of people prefer direct mail as an advertising method. Compared to other options, they’re more likely to pay attention to your message via snail mail. It’s a romantic way to communicate, and it has more charm than a random email from a company. There’s a special magic to receiving mail, even if it’s from a brand. It’s time to tap into this.

Postcards Are Physical

Lastly, direct mail postcards are a physical marketing tool. Like business cards, they make a strong first impression. Unlike digital marketing messages, they take up real, tangible space. They’re physical. Unlike an email that’s deleted in seconds, a physical card can rest on someone’s kitchen counter or on the fridge for weeks. It’s a constant, present reminder of your brand.

Direct mail clutters physical space. It’s not just a graphic on a screen. Direct mail isn’t avoidable the way email is, and this means it really makes an impact on. your audience. If your mail has a special offer, people will likely save it, even if they don’t use it right away. It’s harder to forget.

Have You Tried Direct Mail Postcards?

Ultimately, now is the best time to unlock the potential of direct mail postcards. Once you take a closer look, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are making the switch. At Goldlevelprint, we make it easy to print direct mail postcards online. With professional tools, you can use print marketing to boost your online presence, grow your brand, and strengthen loyalty.

Are you ready to cut through the noise and digital fatigue? Now is your chance to make the most of snail mail. Print materials are a necessary marketing tool for any budding business, large or small.

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